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Polyolefins are relatively easy to extrude, but as you go up in performance in terms of high-temperature requirements, the materials get more and more difficult to extrude," says Dr.
Apart from being able to extrude a diversity of compounds at higher outputs and better quality, the Transfermix extruders are also extremely compact in size.
the installation of a 4,000-ton extrusion press that can extrude shapes up to 14.
Berner Plastic Group SL in Aldaya (Valencia), Spain, takes five- and seven-layer barrier film scrap from blown film processors and alloys the material in an extruder with PET bottle flake, then extrudes the mix into monofilament for brush bristles.
RPC Bebo Plastik in Bremervoerde, Germany, extrudes its own proprietary sheet for thermoformed food containers and is making five- and seven-layer PP barrier sheet with an oxygen scavenger called Shelfplus02.
Their system extrudes a thin embossed tape and inserts it into a small irrigation tube via a crosshead die.
The line extrudes the bubble downward into a water bath, then orients it for clarity and specific tear properties so that the casing on the sausage can be cut and peeled without splitting.
Andersen first pelletizes the mix on a twin-screw compounder with a single-screw hot-melt extruder, then extrudes the profiles on Cincinnati Milacron conical twins.
compounds and extrudes mineral-filled elastomers into automotive carpet backing.
extrudes the polyketone tube, which bonds to the hose's TPU outer layer.