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Denys Bouliane's 'Du fouet et du plaisir' gave Hind a concertante role, often exuberantly snappy in the episodes the composer describes as "rampages of energy", and elsewhere with a scintillating delicacy of touch.
Boogie Man kicks off with a musical montage, intercutting footage of legendary Republican strategist Lee Atwater exuberantly jamming on guitar with clips of the presidents he helped elect taking the oath of office, all while a chugging blues backbeat runs underneath.
Fanning, in a fat suit, was in excellent voice, and he captured the self-absorbed buffoon that is Falstaff exuberantly.
To moviegoers, Kidd was best known for the 1954 film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, in which a group of earthy backwoodsmen dance exuberantly with their prospective brides.
The grand-themed glorious epic Nothing but the Truth opened in the Kodak Academy Award Theatre in Hollywood, CA to an exuberantly enthusiastic audience.
An exuberantly fruity and aromatic Californian white made from the Viognier grape, one of the most fashionable grapes of the moment.
Chapeau was created as a present to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (known for her collection of huge hats), created for 12 dancers and exuberantly performed to the songs of Prince.
Jumping exuberantly throughout, he made every yard of the running under Timmy Murphy for a five-length success but Llewellyn is now keen to take advantage of a lenient handicap mark over timber and Dempsey's preference for racing right-handed.
5 percent in 2006 (when oil prices were soaring), and forecasts that GDP will grow far less exuberantly at 5.
Some pages are black and white; others are exuberantly colorful.
Figures neatly enter picture frame at the left and right at the same time that sinuous trees and rocks exuberantly burst out of the picture.
The words that spill out of the characters' mouths -- literate and exuberantly brimming with ideas -- struggle to ring persuasively in real world surroundings.