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Some pages are black and white; others are exuberantly colorful.
Figures neatly enter picture frame at the left and right at the same time that sinuous trees and rocks exuberantly burst out of the picture.
The words that spill out of the characters' mouths -- literate and exuberantly brimming with ideas -- struggle to ring persuasively in real world surroundings.
Little Voice)'s mother Mari, played exuberantly by Moira Valentine, spectacularly crass and brash yet still a really tragic figure.
Earlier lab experiments found plants growing exuberantly with extra carbon dioxide, but these tests provided abundant water and nutrients.
His is an art that cannot be translated into words, transformed easily into portable information: It is exuberantly and basely material and particular.
The modern tendency among a growing number of jockeys to celebrate success exuberantly, before it has been sealed at the winning post, meant it was inevitable that someone's enthusiasm would be fired off before the line, with disastrous consequences.
From splashing in a fountain to hitching a ride on a skateboard, City Angel exuberantly demonstrates her affection for "the city she has come to love.
Our first impression of Rooster Cobb, nicknamed for exuberantly waking up his parents in the mornings when he was a child, is provided by his high school English teacher, recently turned guidance counselor.
33 and his sweet and sensuous rendition of Paul Ben-Haim's Berceuse Sfaradite; his renditions of several selections from Nicolo Paganini's exuberantly virtuosic Opus 1 Caprices are taken at nail-biting tempo yet carried off with apparently effortless perfection; his interpretation of Jean-Marie Leclair's Sonata op.
Glover is assured and confident while Rennie is just so wonderfully, exuberantly over the top he is almost balanced.
is exuberantly illustrated by Isabelle Decenciere and comes accompanied by a special audio CD by Drachman.