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Under moist wound dressings, foams and hydrocolloids dominate the market due to their high absorbency of wound exudates.
1), (3), (6) This chemical analysis helps to determine whether the fluid is an exudate or a transudate by applying the modified Light's criteria (Table 6).
As demonstrated in vitro, Hydrofiber(TM) Technology absorbs and retains excess exudate to help create an ideal healing environment.
The investigators placed elastomeric ON-Q pumps subcutaneously in the incisional wound to permit collection of wound exudate and instillation of agents.
Maguchi urged readers in 1990 to consider shifting to histologic and cytologic evaluation of the tympanic exudate to clench the diagnosis of leukemic involvement of the middle ear after successfully diagnosing 2 patients.
Table 4 shows the inhibitory effect of the weed root exudate on plant height and dry weight of the rice seedlings.
To analyze the type of HLA-G isoforms present in the samples, initially we immunoprecipitated HLA-G from a pool of exudate fluids with the pan-anti-HLA antibody W6/32, and then we performed a Western blot under reducing conditions (Fig.
The first question to ask in assessing a patient with a pleural effusion is whether that effusion is a transudate or an exudate by using Light's criteria (1).
The contract is for collection and transport of municipal waste from the property on which the inhabitants live in the Municipality of Bartoszyce to landfill located in the town of exudate.
Acacia species exudate is a natural resin that contains arabin; a semi solidified sticky fluid oozing from incision made on bark of acacia trees [3].
Proinflammatory cytokines were only detected in cells of the inflammatory exudate, including IL-1 and TNF-[alpha] in 11 cases (85.