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5% respectively when using Light s Criteria to differentiate exudate and transudate while the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value were 100%, 100%, 100%, and 100% respectively when using pleural fluid cholesterol cutoff point >45 mg/dL to differentiate exudate and transudate.
The region types included microaneurysms[18], exudates, neovascularization on the retina, hemorrhages, normal retinal background, and normal vessels patterns.
The first interaction between fungus and its host is the fungal reaction to signals from the exudates of the host root (Buee et al.
Acute otitis externa was presented with clinical signs of head shaking, odour from ear, pain on manipulation of ear and exudates from ear etc.
Separating lots of soybean seeds, BARROS & MARCOS FILHO (1990) reported that test to find the pH of exudate is effective and in the determination of feasibility; on top of being fast, presents a high reliability.
The serum-ascites albumin gradient (SAAG) is a reasonably reliable way to differentiate between transudate and exudate fluids (serum albumin minus the ascitic albumen level).
The lower visual acuity in the left eye was explained by changes in the soft exudate area very close to the fovea.
Because pleural effusion is due to an underlying disease, it must be differentiated into transudate or exudate to know its exact etiopathology so that appropriate management can be done.
1), (3), (6) This chemical analysis helps to determine whether the fluid is an exudate or a transudate by applying the modified Light's criteria (Table 6).
Later serous and serous fibrinous exudate formations occurred which became suppurative one by the end of the 3d day.