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Comparison of rates of subretinal exudation and intraretinal cyst before and after treatment in age-related macular degeneration patients who had cataract surgery (group 1) and those without cataract (group 2) Group 1 % Group 2 % p (n=23) (n=49) Subretinal exudation 21 91.3 44 89.8 0.840 (Pre-treatment) Subretinal exudation 3 13 5 10.2 0.721 (at 1 year) Intraretinal cyst (at 1 year) 3 13 4 8.2 0.515
The present study aimed to quantify the total organic carbon exudation rate of irrigated rice cultivars during the full flowering period and to correlate this exudation with physiological variables of each cultivar.
Postoperativne komplikacije (sest meseci) Cystoid macular oedema 10,52 Cistoidni edem makule Opacification of posterior capsule/Zamuaeenje zadnje 16,54 kapsule Retinal detachment 0 Ablacija retine Fibrin exudation 0 Fibrinska eksudacija Corneal decompensation 2,25 Kornealna dekompenzacija Note: Table made from bar graph.
During the operation, the heart showed extensive exudations, and the pericardium was locally adherent to the heart.
In other words, exposure to poor lighting intensity and the duration that was allocated in the present study could have an adverse effect on attention; many studies have proven the relationship between lighting, performance, and exudation of melatonin; melatonin exudates in poor lighting, causing sleepiness and decrease in vigilance, mental activities, and functions [41].
Of these, SD-OCT revealed intraretinal cysts in 4 of 25 eyes (16%), subretinal fluid in 10 of 25 eyes (40%), and subretinal hyperreflective exudation in 17 of 25 eyes (68%).
Initially at the treatment, the wound had a large amount of purulent exudation. After 20 days of BC/Ibu treatment, there was a 15.47% decrease in area and exudation, besides the debridement of slough at the peripheral border, with granulation tissue.
The reason for re-occlusion may be as follows: (1) after adhesiolysis, the wound surface occurs to inflammatory exudation; (2) the fallopian tube is scratched by technical reasons; (3) the intraoperative conventional drug perfusion only has the transient anti-inflammatory and antiadhesion effects.16 The efficacy is not sustained.
The pathologic criteria were demonstrated by the presentation of gram-positive cocci and fibrinoleukocytic exudation on histologic examination.
Fundus examination of the left eye showed intraretinal hemorrhages and exudation with associated edema centrally (Figure 1).
NPWT was in place until grafts were engrafted and no more exudation was present (Figures 1-5(b)).
No significant difference was found between these two groups in terms of thickening bowel wall, circumintestinal exudation (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)), abscess, phlegmon, and ascites.