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At the same time, the effects of exudation of photoinitiators in the PE blends on the photoinitiated crosslinking of PE have also been examined.
Kubota will make his presentation at Angiogenesis, Exudation and Degeneration 2009, hosted by the University of Miami's Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, at 11:20 a.
The retinal telangiectasias comprise a group of rare idiopathic retinal vascular anomalies characterised by dilatation and tortuosity of retinal vessels, formation of multiple aneurysms, leakage and lipid exudation in the macula, and rarely combined with vascular changes in the retinal periphery.
Jones and Darrah (1993) provided experimental and modelled evidence of simultaneous exudation and resorption of soluble C compounds released by roots of Zea mays L.
However, the use of epoxidized triglycerides as primary plasticizers results in exudation due to limited compatibility with the polymeric matrix.
Signs of CNV consist of subretinal blood, subretinal fluid, lipid exudation, retinal pigment epithelial detachment, and subretinal fibrosis (disciform scar).
First in class drugs to treat exudation, or fluid build-up at back of eye
Acute eezema/dermatilis is characterised by oedema, erythema, vesiculation, exudation and crusting.
Clinical assessment of the general behavior changes, rectal temperature, warmth of the graft/wound degree of exudation was done up to day 7 post operatively [18].
Pliotec LEB 18--This Low Exudation Binder for facade coatings allows paint manufacturers to significantly reduce surfactant leaching ("snail trails") while offering durable protection and perfect decoration.
Proviplast C plasticizers are said to be very efficient and compatible with PLA, with low exudation or migration.
2009), while varietal-based differences in root morphology, chemical composition and root exudation have been observed in other crops (Siciliano et al.