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According to Adam & Fadl (2011) the gum exudation is subject to drought conditions and these authors indicated the dry seasons of the year to increase the gum production.
To reduce this period of healing of surgical wounds and to avoid post-operative complications like excessive exudation, inflammation, oedema, embedding of suturesoccasional scarring and pinnal distortion (Joyce, 2000), low level laser therapy was evaluated post-operatively in the present study.
Regarding the type of reading of the response, the majority of veterinarians include the qualitative reading, which consists of the observation of inflammatory clinical signs such as oedema, exudation, necrosis, pain or inflammatory reaction of the vessels and local lymph nodes.
culminating into exudation from hydathodes in liquid form as guttation.
A 4-year-old male patient was consulted with dermatologist due to complaints of severe itching of the scalp, accompanied with progressively hair loss, exudation and crust formation of unknown duration.
This causes a rapid diffusional loss in effective stabilizer concentration by exudation of the AO to the surface and blooming on the surface (regime A).
Caption: Figure 3: Another section with trichrome staining showing single glomerulus with segmental endocapillary proliferation, fibrinoid necrosis, and breakage of bowman's capsule along with leukocytic exudation.
2001) suggested that exudation of organic acids could be active mechanism in response to environmental signals and stresses.
The effects on the coating can take many forms, including softening, wrinkling, spotting, blistering, blushing, haze, leaching or exudation of surfactants and other additives, staining, loss of adhesion (for wet adhesion, see CoatingsTech, March 2015), and poor weather resistance in general.
The investigators saw similar trends for erythema, lichenification, excoriation, and exudation.