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Goodman's presence onstage exuded her passionate love for dancing and captivated audiences worldwide.
As a whole, the show exuded a sense of madcap melancholy, of whimsy in the face of disaster--perhaps because so many of the works appeared to be teetering on the brink of collapse.
By play's end, these two ladies have exuded such palpable vitality that Singleton's Orsino and Michael Kirby's Sebastian actually appear to be receiving greater prizes than they deserve.
Throughout history, the idea of living on water has exuded a strong romantic and pragmatic appeal.
It cut the production of two proteins (including prostate-specific antigen, or PSA) exuded by the cells and often used in blood tests for prostate cancer (see p.
Concentrating his performance on spare gestures, tight matador-pirouettes, and powerful footwork, he exuded masculinity.
Kim exuded charm, charisma and personality,'' Worden Roberts said.
Considering the extent to which every aspect of Ox's paintings is determined long before each one-by-eight-foot section is painted, the sheer beauty exuded by a wall of them is as much of a surprise as Schwitters' gutteral grunts and screams must have been to his audiences in the '20s.