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Unlike Jai, she exudes authority, in part because at 39 she's five years older than the next-oldest Gal Pal, Robbie.
He exudes enthusiasm, too, about the three-week City Center season: "It's an extremely dense masterworks repertory," he boasts.
The warm reds and oranges lend in setting a tone that exudes energy and power.
That's because the fungus exudes a sugary fluid that makes the pseudoflowers smell sweet and can provide the insect visitor with 10 to 100 times the sugar of neighboring real flowers, she reports in the March 4 Nature.
The Roman Trattorian interior design exudes a feeling of Old World Italian warmth, and an efficient service style of walk-up, carry-out, or sit-down service, position Toastissimo Cafe as a picturesque gathering place and unique dining experience.
Mandy Freund resists the temptation to turn Laura into a glamour-puss and exudes a sweet, odd quality.
The novel exudes a dark, menacing atmosphere in which sinister plots and murders are commonplace.
Consolo's corner office, which exudes refined elegance with built-in mahogany cabinetry and bookshelves and personal mementos spanning her more than 20 years in the business.
Each of these pieces exudes heat, sensuality, and romanticism, and Isbin's performances are crisp, heartfelt, and ultimately flawless.
Louis woman, Caroline Rocher (see "25 to Watch," DANCE MAGAZINE, January 2001, page 46) exudes glamour and allure.
The resulting 'look-no-hands' soap-bubble structure of continuous roof and wall planes exudes both effortless ingenuity and surprising delicacy.
Though "Top Heavy" exudes the powerful sense of time and effort spent that some of Hamilton's efforts do, its purpose seems to be quite different.