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I had not been called "Sissy" Van Weyden all my days without reason, and that "Sissy" Van Weyden should be capable of doing this thing was a revelation to Humphrey Van Weyden, who knew not whether to be exultant or ashamed.
'em now!" As he spoke his boyish face was wreathed in a gleeful smile, and his voice had an exultant ring.
"The Song of Deborah and Barak" praises Jael for the memorable service she had rendered, in an exultant strain:
It was tea-time, and he knew that a lot of men would be having tea in the basement of the Medical School: those who had passed the examination would be exultant, those who disliked him would look at him with satisfaction, and the poor devils who had failed would sympathise with him in order to receive sympathy.
Tarzan had no sooner entered the jungle than he took to the trees, and it was with a feeling of exultant freedom that he swung once more through the forest branches.
It was brought to her, and she unfolded it with trembling, exultant hands, and when she had made sure that it was still of virgin fairness her old arms went round it adoringly, and upon her face there was the ineffable mysterious glow of motherhood.
All three escaped me, and ran out of the house into the garden, where they plunged about in the snow, shouting and screaming in exultant glee.
One moment Alleyne saw the galley's poop crowded with rushing figures, waving arms, exultant faces; the next it was a blood-smeared shambles, with bodies piled three deep upon each other, the living cowering behind the dead to shelter themselves from that sudden storm-blast of death.
A daughter's desire to please and be loved often cascades into enduring joy or peripatetic bitterness, while a mother's desire to be loved and emulated often pours into exultant pride or raging resentment.
A child was leaping on a bed near the window, shouting some slogan about Singapore villages in an exultant blare that increased the vicious atmosphere of hysteria to near frenzy.
The winner was Japanese runner Win Bright, beating Exultant, with Oisin Murphy's mount Lys Gracieux taking third.
The 1m2f QEII Cup (9.40am), is a tougher race to call with the likes of Exultant, winner of the Group One HK Vase, HK Cup-winning Glorious Forever and last year's winner Pakistan Star lining up.