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The esoteric quest of a few in the 1860s, it was given a boost by the Grosvenor Gallery's patronage in the 1870s, exultantly exalted as a lifestyle choice in the 1880s (with the flourishing of the "house beautiful" aesthetic), and was arguably on the decline by the 1890s, when it morphed into its "decadent" phase, exemplified by the dandified musings of Oscar Wilde.
Dilma has shown us that if we fight, we can also achieve something," he said exultantly, adding that he hopes that the invitation he sent to her will result in a visit that "would cause euphoria among the local citizens.
Now my co-mates and brothers in exile," the Duke exultantly introduces the theme, "Are not these woods / More free from peril than the envious court?
Wallace proclaimed exultantly, the next one hundred years would be 'The Century of the Common Man.
Gaitskill writes with visceral power, with what sometimes feels like an exultantly destructive energy, and what she writes falls far outside the domestic realism readers have come to expect from female writers.
Taylor now marches exultantly amidst the interracial masses as he has learned that God helps those who help themselves.
Gordon has exultantly flagged up an unprecedentedpump-priming exercise.
What Palestinian children need is weapons, to defend themselves," he exultantly explained, as various colleagues nodded their head with agreement.
President General Pervez Musharraf during a visit to the US exultantly remarked that this was the first time in 100 years that Pakistan's troops had entered this "treacherous" area where Al Qaida and Taliban members may be hiding.
Wiseman politely but exultantly reflects that "it would be ungrateful not to express what consolation has been derived from the information, after many years of unconsciousness, that they [his essays] had exercised a material influence on minds so infinitely superior, in every way, to their writer's" and have aided their conversions to Catholicism (Preface 2: ix, cf.
Indeed, my daughter, a GP in the north of England, exultantly proclaimed, "Dad, you couldn't have had your stroke in a better place