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On December 1, 1898, for instance, just a few weeks before he began writing Heart of Darkness, Conrad exultantly addressed a letter to his friend Cunninghame Graham, who had just come out with a book of impressions on travel and daily life in northern Africa.
While I folded my hands in front of me so that my arms covered my non-existent breasts and my palms covered my crotch, Bobby threw her arms out exultantly on the rising music of the word "everything.
Here, in his second directing feature (after Serenity), Whedon stages the most exultantly good-humored, head-on, rousing series of traps and escapes since Spielberg was a pup.
The last stanza is exultantly dramatic, with expressive, expansive vocal lines.
Whitman exultantly inhales "great draughts of space" and celebrates the "centripetal isolation of a human being" ([1855] 1982b: 300; [1871] 1982c: 958).
And while watching Ruby Walsh exultantly happy at Kempton on Boxing Day how many reflected on the fact that when banned at Aintree in October he was a man in anguish and barely able to suppress his sense of wounded fury.
12) However allergic to explicitly political writing they might be, first-world postmodernists deeply immersed in media culture and an apparently weightless finance capital were understood as exultantly exploring their strange new universe, while observers of the third-world sites to which industrial production had been largely outsourced were described as testing the political and narrative possibilities afforded by the nation.
The esoteric quest of a few in the 1860s, it was given a boost by the Grosvenor Gallery's patronage in the 1870s, exultantly exalted as a lifestyle choice in the 1880s (with the flourishing of the "house beautiful" aesthetic), and was arguably on the decline by the 1890s, when it morphed into its "decadent" phase, exemplified by the dandified musings of Oscar Wilde.
Dilma has shown us that if we fight, we can also achieve something," he said exultantly, adding that he hopes that the invitation he sent to her will result in a visit that "would cause euphoria among the local citizens.
Wallace proclaimed exultantly, the next one hundred years would be 'The Century of the Common Man.
Now my co-mates and brothers in exile," the Duke exultantly introduces the theme, "Are not these woods / More free from peril than the envious court?