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Body black with metallic lustre, eye field delicately pitted; narrow median white line on carapace and abdomen, and similar lines along sides of body; eye field with a few brown bristles.
But adolescents overstimulate the frontal eye field when they make an error.
Coloration (Figs 121-124): Carapace low, dark brown, with black eye field, narrow median light-brown stripe and small patch behind AME, with two lateral yellow bands covered with white adpressed hairs.
Electrodes implanted in the animals' supplementary eye fields identified a group of cells that became more active only after monkeys failed to stop the gaze shift and another that reacted solely to successful cancellations, the scientists report in the Dec.
Landec has granted an exclusive worldwide license to Alcon for Landec's technology in the dry eye field, which is based on its proprietary Intelimer(R) technology.
Featured in Freeman's The Photographer's Eye Field Guide, this Brooklyn holiday skyline was taken with focal length 35mm and ISO 100.
Carapace orange to light brownish, with black line along lateral carapace margins; eyes surrounded by black rings, eye field short (occupying about one-third of carapace length); fovea absent.
Alcon is a leader in the dry eye field with its Tears Naturalea brand and a great partner to bring Landec's technology to the marketplace," he continued.
Eyes surrounded with black rings; eye field pitted, some white hairs on it, with long brown bristles near eyes; anterior median eyes encircled by small fawn scales.
Carapace high in cephalic part, with steep posterior slope beginning just behind eye field.
Eye field black, clothed in reddish hairs, anterior eyes surrounded with small scales that are reddish from above and white from below.
Supranuclear control of vertical eye movements is subserved by diffuse cortical projections from the frontal and supplementary eye fields reaching the rostral interstitial nuclei of the medial longitudinal fasciculus (riMLF) and the interstitial nuclei of Cajal (inC) at the level of the midbrain pretectum (7).