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Coloration similar to male, with grey hairs on carapace, denser on anterior part of eye field, forming small patches between eyes of first row.
Carapace dark brown with metallic lustre, eye field black, delicately pitted.
Coloration (Figs 125-128): Carapace low, brown, with black eye field, with small patch behind AME, with two lateral yellow bands covered with white adpressed hairs.
Electrodes implanted in the animals' supplementary eye fields identified a group of cells that became more active only after monkeys failed to stop the gaze shift and another that reacted solely to successful cancellations, the scientists report in the Dec.
Silver patches of translucent guanine crystals on centre of eye field.
Carapace covered in adpressed colourless hairs, with long brown bristles near eyes and some whitish hairs on eye field.
The eye field characteristically has silver patches of translucent guanine crystals, and the abdomen has a herring-bone pattern.
Similar to male, carapace dark brown with black eye field, with some long brown bristles on ocular area, denser at anterior eyes (coloured scales absent).
Supranuclear control of vertical eye movements is subserved by diffuse cortical projections from the frontal and supplementary eye fields reaching the rostral interstitial nuclei of the medial longitudinal fasciculus (riMLF) and the interstitial nuclei of Cajal (inC) at the level of the midbrain pretectum (7).
Ferrier[5] defined the frontal eye fields, and fifty years later, Penfield and his colleagues were able to elicit eye movements from several cortical areas in awake humans.
Severe childhood-onset schizophrenia starts as a subtle defect in the parietal region and then rapidly engulfs the brain in a wave of tissue destruction that spreads anteriorly over the cortex and terminates at the frontal eye fields, according to Paul Thompson, Ph.