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The McLaren MP4 12C is a stunning rear-wheel-drive two-seater and a real eye-catcher
Earlier, Flynn saddles both Brog An Ri and Come On Flash, an eye-catcher at Gowran recently, in the opening Lynch & Partners Maiden.
And there was no doubting that her boxing themed routine, complete with prize fighting backing dancers, was an eye-catcher.
We've also noticed a real spike in the number of CVs we're getting through the door - it's proved to be a real eye-catcher and has pushed a lot of talent our way.
30), an eye-catcher on easy ground at Haydock, is fancied to continue John Gosden's strong finish to the season.
Named the Senku, a Japanese term meaning pioneer, this eye-catcher from the Ford-owned company features an ultra-long wheelbase, minimal overhangs, a unique 'floating' appearance supported by large tyres, a smoothly dignified shape and large flying wing electric-powered sliding doors.
Cesario's performance was the eye-catcher on a day Hollywood Park management bunched five graded stakes in a bid for big-event buzz.
Again a car which commanded a hefty number of advance orders, this eye-catcher is available with a choice of one-litre, 1.
EXOTIC yet practical, this oriental-style coffee table from The Cotswold Company's Autumn catalogue is a real eye-catcher.
As it is, the Lotus is a real eye-catcher, and when it's equipped with SPD-Smart windows, it's something even a discriminating character like James Bond would love to drive.
Your flaming metallic chest wear is the real eye-catcher.
Be that as it may, it would be excellent if this eye-catcher could benefit from restoration in the way the Town Hall has.