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Steven Madeley, centre director of St David's, said: "We were keen to further develop the Bridge Street side of the centre and to create an eye-catching and unique piece of artwork for our visitors.
The bag, which costs just pounds 1 and features Birtwell's eye-catching imagery, is available from the food department of 300 Boots stores nationwide.
The eye-catching Volvo Ocean Race Models start at pounds 1,000 above the SE specification for the XC70 and XC90 and pounds 1,500 for the V70.
Described as a "quirky" newcomer the Materia is now the subject of competition among the dealers to make it as eye-catching as possible.
Probably not as eye-catching as some of the performances going on within the marquee, though.
More than merely have the somewhat cliched views of a beautiful city, we wanted something original, inspiring and eye-catching.
McGaven is the kind of book which has dual appeal: to public libraries seeking an eye-catching overview for general-interest patrons, and to high school and college-level libraries interested in debating the progress and effects of extinction.
Designed by FxFowle Architects and named after the eye-catching oculus in Rome's Pantheon, Oculus' most prominent feature will be its unique terra-cotta facade, a rebirth of the material distinct from the now commonplace all-glass "see-through" facades.
When you work with your publication designer, you can use these elements to create an eye-catching, information-packed layout that can make even the most time-strapped reader give your story a second look.
It brought lots of hefty hardware and eye-catching demos of "hot" technologies like in-mold assembly, auto glazing, and RFID labeling.
The eye-catching labels come in a variety of vibrant colours and have a tinted window which shows your name but hides your address.
The packaging for new Chocolate Chex Mix looks bright and eye-catching, and the picture on the front looks very appetizing.