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And the hair, still eye-catchingly platinum, had got higher and higher as if to compensate for the downward shift of everything else.
The packaging was eye-catchingly bright and fruity.
Founded in the summer of 2008 by Kevin Ellerton and David Yomtobian, Blackstone Properties quickly made a splash in the Lower Manhattan rental market by advertising eye-catchingly low-priced properties on Craigslist.
Sidebottom was an eye-catchingly successful pick, ahead of Anderson, for England's trophywinning ICC World Twenty20 campaign.
A new bumper also features at the rear, along with a more distinctive lighting set up while the twin exhaust pipes and new designs to the 18-inch alloys help to emphasise the latest eye-catchingly businesslike presence.
While plastics and fabrics are perhaps more dull and serviceable than eye-catchingly attractive, there is more than a hint of colour when the glovebox and fascia storage box are opened up while the neatly laid out fascia and centre console proved driver friendly.
From Arctic tundra to tropical rainforests, life is found in abundance--in places as inconspicuous as a pinch of city soil and as eye-catchingly obvious as vast herds crossing the African savannah.
From the shield-shaped front grille flanked by strikingly attractive lighting set-ups, through the pair of attractive swages sweeping from the grille and eye-catchingly sculpted flanks to the bold look of the stylish rear lighting this is certainly an inspired car design that made an obvious and instant impression.
But then he rubbed salt in the wound by also making sure that the West Ham wall was an eye-catchingly, long-looking maximum distance back.
If you're dressing for an upgrade, you need to wear something eye-catchingly smart,' Susan recommends.
Bettys and Taylors has just launched a caffeine-rich dark roast called 'Hot Lava Java' and the volcanically eruptive coloring of the packaging is eye-catchingly attractive to caffeine freaks who can't get through the day without a fix.