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That same eye-piece will magnify only 20x in a scope with a focal length of 500 mm.
The PVS-7B consists of an objective lens assembly, a third-generation image intensification tube and a pair of eye-piece lens assemblies.
Brave New Unwired World will showcase the latest in mobile technology products on top models, including a computer that hangs from the waist with hand-held keypad and mini eye-piece screen, wrist neck charms with e-mail capabilities and others.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of hhti un-cooled long range version binocular/bi-ocular with two eye-piece having one objective glass-38 nos.
A one eye-piece dioptre adjustment allows the binoculars to be set to suit your own eyesight and folddown rubber eye-cups allow use by spectacle wearers.
You might think that having the extra skylight and starlight in an extra-wide view--instead of the blackness of an eye-piece barrel surrounding the view--would make faint things a little harder to see.
Forced to stop on the way in the middle of a forest when Carmen falls ill, the daughter Ofelia finds a strange monument from which the eye-piece has fallen.
Once you have the eye-piece set up the way you want it, press the green button on the unit, and you get a small red LED square.
The EOS-1v offers a host of features that professional photographers demand, including variable diopter control, 100 percent viewfinder coverage, and an eye-piece shutter.