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The median length of the eyeball was 23.34 mm at time 1 (range of 21.15 to 23.73 mm, 75th percentile, 23.85 mm), 23.37 mm at time 2 (range of 21.15 to 26.02 mm, 75th percentile, 23.83), and 23.43 mm at time 3 (range of 21.11 to 26.25 mm, 75th percentile, 23.91 mm).
Out of the 1.3 billion Indian population - I am the first person to have my eyeballs permanently tattooed," he claims.
It's much more fun bobbing for eyeballs than apples!
She cannot dance because the vibrations make her eyeballs shake and when the phone rings her vision pulsates with its rhythm.
A medical magazine report about an Iranian with a hairy eyeball has drawn unusual attention to an unusual condition.
Gene Rurka, head chef for the Explorers Club annual dinner, says the eyeballs at this year's event were the best he's ever served.
To make the eyeballs, heat coconut milk and sugar in a pan until hot but not boiling.
To make the "eyeballs", heat the coconut milk and sugar in a saucepan over a medium heat until hot but not boiling.
From its title through its content, Eyeballs Out is not your typical business book.
TWO massive inflatable eyeballs and a surprise appearance by the East Kilbride Pipe Band made the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' set one of the most eye-catching of the first night.
The northern leopard frog uses its eyeballs to help it eat and retracts its eyeballs into its body to push the food down.
The head was maintained in a neutral forward position so as to prevent pressure on the eyeballs. Adequacy of padding and absence of pressure on the eyeballs were again checked before surgical draping.