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It was my task at first to keep up the artificial respiration in the body after the transfusion had been effected, but presently Meunier relieved me, and I could see the wondrous slow return of life; the breast began to heave, the inspirations became stronger, the eyelids quivered, and the soul seemed to have returned beneath them.
She listened with that enigmatic, still, under the eyelids glance, and a friendly turn of the head.
The idea amused me so much that I laughed or rather cackled aloud, which woke the others, and they began to rub /their/ dirty faces and drag /their/ gummed-up lips and eyelids apart.
When she got out of the carriage, her cheeks were pale and her eyelids red.
He was tall, thin, and wasted, with a slight stoop in the shoulders, a pale face, but somewhat blotchy, and disagreeably red about the eyelids, plain features, and a general appearance of languor and flatness, relieved by a sinister expression in the mouth and the dull, soulless eyes.
Dear Anne -- spelled -- with -- an -- E," wrote Phil, "I must prop my eyelids open long enough to write you.
The Prince compressed his lips, and knit his brow and his eyelids dropped so as to hide his eyes for an instant.
But the vision of that first fight still lingered under his eyelids, and as he watched he saw it dissolve and reshape into the series of fights which had followed.
She closed her eyes; her lips and eyelids trembled.
Before long, she confused herself in the figures--tried to begin counting again-- thought she would wait a little first--felt her eyelids drooping, and her head reclining lower and lower on the pillow--sighed faintly-- and sank into sleep.
I have heard him talking of her in his sleep, and I have seen the tears on his eyelids.
Send me word by telegraph whether you would like Truffles again, or whether you would prefer something simpler and lighter--say that incomparable French dish, Pig's Eyelids and Tamarinds.