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Meanwhile, gaming investors' interest has shifted to Taiwan's Kinmen islands, within eyeshot of China's southern coast.
And gag grouper seem to get back into their usual warm-water feeding habits, eating any bait, live or artificial, within eyeshot of their reef or wreck hidey-hole.
His stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Quiddity, Eyeshot, Opium Magazine, and Right Hand Pointing.
It was always within eyeshot when you were relaxing in the evening or enjoying dinner with friends.
Considered one of the city's top trophy buildings, the GM Building commands some of Manhattan's highest rents, attracts prestigious tenants and sits at one of the city's most important junctures; where midtown meets Central Park, where the tony residential neighborhoods on the Upper East Side collide with midtown's soaring glass office buildings and where the burgeoning office corridor springing up along Eighth Avenue is within eyeshot just at the other end of Central Park South.
It was one of the great feelings, one of the great moments, I've had in baseball," said Youkilis, who drilled a pitch by Mike Lincoln into the seats in right-center, easily within eyeshot of his family and friends celebrating on the party deck near the right-field foul pole.
Scan the pews on a typical Sunday morning, and it's likely that several women within eyeshot have been hit, verbally abused, stalked, or raped by the men in their lives.
She floated around the third-floor hangar, within eyeshot of City Hall, fixing tables for the guests and preparing for a final flight.
Robots endowing with artificial seeing systems, image acquiring and checking, presume a fine positioning of the camera, for being able to comprise the whole available eyeshot.
Once I knew that I had cleared eyeshot of the restaurant, tears burst forth, as they do now as I recount this story.
The McCann camp say the restaurant was an eyeshot away from the apartment, yet an aerial photo shows obstructions to a clear view.
Monitors are placed behind teller, in eyeshot from both the teller stations and the queue line.