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Then you must have lost your eyesight afore losing your way, for the road across the portage is cut to a good two rods, and is as grand a path, I calculate, as any that runs into London, or even before the palace of the king himself.
My eyesight bein' poor 's the reason she looked han'somest of any girl on the platform, I s'pose?
An elephant's eyesight is none too good; but the great tusker evidently had harbored suspicions of this yellow-bearded white man from the first.
Madame Danglars had often heard of the terror to which the magistrate alluded, but without the evidence of her own eyesight she could never have believed that the sentiment had been carried so far.
And his eyesight must be good," continued the lady, deeply intent on providing well for her journey; "we may ride late in the evening, and it is particularly requisite that he have good eyes.
From early infancy his survival had depended upon acuteness of eyesight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste far more than upon the more slowly developed organ of reason.
Then from the jungle came a low guttural, and the ape-man became suddenly a silent, rigid statue, with ears and nostrils straining to span the black void where his eyesight could not reach.
Summary: Pramodini suffered 80 per cent burns and lost her eyesight when a spurned lover attacked her with acid
THE system of testing the eyesight of new drivers has been condemned as crude.
Islamabad -- Eyesight of an eight year student was affected after a registered was hurled by his teacher, which targeted the eye.
Subaru calls it EyeSight, and it brings Subaru's safety benchmarks to a whole new level.
HONG KONG, Dec 21, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - eyeSight Technologies, a leader in advanced embedded computer vision and deep learning, has been awarded two new patents: one offers a groundbreaking solution for the power consumption issue AR/VR headsets and wearable devices suffer from, and the other, referred to as the Direct Pointing Interaction technology, addresses solutions centered around direct pointing detection for interaction with a digital device and displays.