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The beauty of black bags is the fact that it is mostly only one day of being an eyesore and then roads are clear again.
That would take care of (a) the eyesore, (b) the safety issue, and (c) restoring the beauty of the natural tree line to this lovely green area.
Instead of tarting it up, why not put a big striped marquee over the eyesore to cover it up completely?
It will create an eyesore in one of the most prominent parts of the city - this cannot be allowed.
But when a property becomes an eyesore to the community, action is needed.
To a much bigger eyesore right in the town centre, with fast-food, 'eat in the street' cabins and litter scattered everywhere.
It used to be nice walking up and down Northumberland Street, being able to look at the varying eras of architecture and now it's been blocked with a terrible eyesore.
Local councillor Ian Johnson said: "I am very pleased that the old fire station is finally being restored after being an eyesore and a danger to the public for many years.
Closure of the school opened up the very real possibility of a fine building in a beautiful corner of the city becoming a derelict eyesore.
I DON''T see as much of Wales as your correspondent Richard Morris does who wrote the letter 'This is the biggest eyesore in Wales'' (28th August), which he says he passes twice every Wednesday.
Dublin City Councillor Gerry Breen said: "For too long the baths has been a major eyesore.
A spokesman for the housebuilding firm said: "It's currently vacant and inaccessible and something of an eyesore with a negative impact on the area.