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I THINK the worst eyesores in Birmingham are the old buildings opposite the site for the new market in Upper Dean Street.
One of the reasons they were allowed to install these eyesores I would imagine is that they created "local" jobs.
It has become an eyesore since its closure, but limiting my driving to my own locality because of age I have to defer to him regarding the order of eyesores in Wales.
Talking about eyesores, there are very many who believe that the Celtic Manor Resort - occupying the prominent position that it does - is more of an eyesore than any dilapidated old farmhouse could ever be.
It may be a bed of roses for Mr tunnocks but it's an irritating eyesore to most locals.
2) The city-approved condo development would be on 10 acres north of the Ronald Reagan Freeway at Kuehner Drive; many fear a large stucco eyesore.
Our history with such brownfield projects as The Watertown Arsenal, a former site that manufacturer ammunitions for the US Army in Massachusetts and Millennium, a former Alcoa paper plant in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania are examples of how cooperative relationships with state and local officials paved the way to convert local eyesores into beautiful, tax-generating centers of activity.
But the city's street services chief Stewart Stacey (Lab Kings Norton) said it was 'culturally prejudiced' to suggest the Pagoda was an eyesore if not lit.
How many more years will the residents have to wait for the eyesore to be developed or demolished?
EVERY Wednesday I twice pass the biggest eyesore in Wales - Minffordd Hospital, near Penrhyndeudraeth.
Now, it's a derelict eyesore, a far cry from its heyday when thousands of families flocked to it.
CHOP CHOP J Workman up a ladder TRIM Green house now a clean house EYESORE 3 Plant covered walls and roof