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Adjust the f-stop, setting it at 11 or 16 for best focus and resolution.
The electronic lens control allows speeds to 1/500 second an 1/10 f-stop intervals, producing accurate and consistent shutter performance.
The lens is one of those fancy Carl Zeiss efforts, with a 10x optical zoom allowing 35-mm camera f-stop equivalents of F1.
A smaller depth-of-field (smaller f-stop number) focuses the attention on your subject not the background.
His New York teammates give Sehorn grief for shedding his shirts at the drop of a camera's F-stop.
No, what you need is the latest digital colour cameras with an F-stop of 0.
I feel it has been a needed contribution in a new wave of transsexual activism, very much a part of a burgeoning movement that began about the time I was figuring out what an f-stop was.
A lower f-stop number (wider aperture) will produce a wider line.
While shutter speeds are simple fractions of a second, the f-stop is the focal length of the lens divided by the diameter of its opening (f/stop = A/FL).
Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of D-Lite RX with speedlights and many programmable features such as variable f-stop steps and ready beep function
The biggest advantage on set is that the light does not have to be adapted when switching lenses because they all have the same F-Stop.
Then the display goes north of the Tyne to f-Stop Gallery in Byker, Newcastle, where it can be viewed from June 23 to August 5.