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The methods that offenders use to exaggerate or fabricate illness are quite extensive and designed to deceive health care professionals.
Fabricate fashion application, which is available for CubeA 3 Desktop 3D Printers, brings customization through matching and mixing colorful filaments with fabrics for both professional and home users.
DRC can fabricate micro-coils with conductor line widths and spaces as small as 5 microns.
Mack uses LOM technology to fabricate "wood-like" paper models in place of traditional, hand-built wood patterns.
By selectively etching away portions of a silicon surface initially covered by a thin layer of silicon dioxide, they fabricate an array of silicon dioxide caps perched on silicon pedestals about 5 microns tall.
They could also control electron-beam energies when such beams are used for creating the masks needed to fabricate microelectronics circuits.
DPD, which fabricates and sells garden products, commercial grade benches and tables and dock and pool boxes constructed from plastic lumber, was formed in May.