fabricate evidence

See: frame
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Summary: The alleged accomplice of the disgraced Internal Security Forces official Suzanne Hajj Hobeiche has seemingly backtracked on his admission that she had explicitly ordered him to fabricate evidence to frame actor Ziad Itani as a spy for Israel.
She said she did not also fabricate evidence and baseless charges.
'Suffice to say, that the JIT in its venom and quest to implicate me has even resorted to concoct and fabricate evidence against me,' Maryam told reporters after filing her statement in the Avenfield reference at an accountability court.
Emerging from the courtroom, the superstar's lawyer K Ramkumar said police had no evidence against his client were trying to fabricate evidence. However, special prosecutor A Sureshan said there was solid evidence against the actor.
The officers also deny neglecting and violating their duty by conspiring together to fabricate evidence against the couple.
Therefore, they decided to fabricate evidence. This is utterly scandalous in all respects.
Police have widened the investigation amid signs of strain between senior Conservatives and the police over the treatment of Mr Mitchell, as claims were made that officers conspired to fabricate evidence against the former chief whip, which ultimately led to his resignation in late October.
Around 30 officers are working on the Metropolitan Police inquiry amid claims that officers conspired to fabricate evidence against Mr Mitchell that ultimately led to his resignation.
Kanpur, Oct 2(ANI): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arun Jaitley on Sunday said that Gujarat police probe has revealed that suspended IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt had coerced his subordinate to fabricate evidence against state Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Prosecutor Nicholas Dean QC told Swansea crown court the eight cops had "agreed to mould, manipulate and fabricate evidence" adding: "Those five men had nothing at all to do with the killing."
Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday suspended his chief aide, who in turn accused Israel and a PA official of collaborating to fabricate evidence and charges of a sex scandal and widespread corruption.
You must be careful to guard against an informant with a grudge so check whether he has any reason to fabricate evidence.