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EFAB devices can also be fabricated on a variety of substrates, including dielectrics, to form electrically isolated devices.
Now the Automatic Line Changer receives tubes of fabricated chips from the check weigher at a rate of up to 70 tubes/min.
US sales of fabricated glass products (excluding glass containers and glass fiber optics) are forecast to advance 4.5 percent annually through 2003 to $17.1 billion.
Higher operating rates for petroleum refining, primary metals, and fabricated metal products boosted the overall rate among primary processors in December.
The higher operating pressures have been achieved utilizing nested-fin aluminum cores fabricated from 0.013 in.
During the latter part of the 1980's, some 2,500 structural metal fabricators, employing nearly 80,000 workers, competed in a $9 billion market for their products.(2) Seven major centers for fabricated structural metal manufacturing the States of Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia accounted for two-fifths of total employment in this industry.(1) Small establishments (fewer than 20 workers) continued to be numerically important in fabricating structural metal, constituting a clear majority of the industry's total plants; they were, however, but a fraction (about one eighth) of its total employment.
- Investments will help Aktiva meet boost export share of metal fabricated parts business
Product coverage: Light Metal Packaging, Metal Wire Products, Other Fabricated Metal Products, Steel Drums and Similar Containers.
US claims that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against rebels are "fabricated," a top lawmaker in Russian President Vladimir Putin's ruling party said on Friday.
BEIRUT: A young man who claimed that he was assaulted because of his sect confessed that he fabricated the news in order to receive free heath care from the Health Ministry, the Lebanese Army said in a statement Wednesday.
The cast aluminum stars were fabricated by Gratz Industries of Queens.
Using photolithography, complex micro-mechanical components with micron size features and sub-micron tolerances can be fabricated. Aspect ratios of 3D mechanical parts are available up to 5:1.