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Every episode of his life was resurrected to serve as foundations for malicious fabrications.
In the third place, those notes are of my making; there is nothing but my assertion to the contrary, to guarantee that they are not fabrications.
Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct 2013 - Helps users control the production of ductwork components for a project through innovative interfaces and comprehensive parametric component libraries.
Shepherd is an executive with over 26 years of Fortune 500 experience in the pipe and steel fabrication industry.
Additive fabrication refers to a class of manufacturing processes, in which a solid object is built by depositing several layers of material upon one another.
Figure 4-4: Worldwide - Wafer Fabrication Equipment Market (in Billion US$), 2005 & 2006
HOUSTON -- Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that it has acquired all operations of KIWI Software, a leading provider of structural modeling, detailing, and fabrication software for industrial plants, buildings, and civil structures.
Tanner Research, through its MEMS R&D and Fabrication Facility supports advanced research and development.
the Company acquired in December 2006, has completed the plans for its first Fabrication Plants in the United States from the funding received through the Company's recent Reg D 504 offering.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced it has signed a Grant Disbursement Agreement (GDA) with the State of New York, establishing a two-year window from July 2007 to July 2009 in which AMD can choose to initiate the building of a new state of the art 300mm wafer fabrication facility in Saratoga County, NY.
In addition, the excellent adhesion between the Ta2O5 interfacial layer and phase-change film has the potential to provide enhanced stability in memory cell fabrication.
AGA's expertise and range of activities are an excellent addition to the current activities of the Heerema Fabrication Group and support the vision to become the preferred EPIC contractor creating value for clients in the oil & gas industry by delivering innovative, cost-effective and high quality engineering and construction solutions.