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The conquest of the upright stance is not tied to the fact that man 'resolved to walk upright', as Freud dared to put it, but to the establishment of a new functional equilibrium, induced through a 'neotenisation' that is of great interest to Lacan, and of which the reality is immediately and at once the verticalisation of the human body and its prostheticisation, that is, the abandonment of the locomotive function of the hand to the benefit of a new fabricative function.
TABLE 1 CONTRIBUTION OF SECTORS TO REGIONAL EXPORT BASE AT THE MID-POINTS OF DIFFERENT STAGES Primary Processing Fabricative Tertiary Stage Activity Manufacturing Manufacturing Activity I(*) xxx 0 0 0 II xxx xx 0 0 III xx xxx xx 0 IV x xx xxx xx V x xx xx xxx * Note: at Stage I the export base represents an extremely small part of the regional economy.
During this stage, secondary-sector activity continues to represent the major regional export, but it is now fabricative manufacturing that forms the DXS.

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