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Fettes walked steadily to the spot, and we, who were hanging behind, beheld the two men meet, as one of them had phrased it, face to face.
Trotty kept her hand within his arm still, but looked from face to face as wildly as a sleeper in a dream.
Suddenly I found myself face to face with the young man whose personality had so strangely stirred me.
Bishopriggs felt the necessity of being silent when he stood face to face with her on answering the bell.
Upon this piece of furniture, the stranger sat himself with the air of a weary man; and the Jew, drawing up the arm-chair opposite, they sat face to face.
Face to Face with Trudy Nicks: Sovereign Allies/Living Cultures: First Nations of the Great Lakes
Face to Face is available for a broad spectrum of patient needs, from pregnant women with a deployed spouse to service members who are facing medical emergencies.
So as demands and commands to use more technology, more online components, and take up less of the classroom space required when meeting students regularly face to face increase, concerns mount regarding potential consequences for everyone involved.
The question," says Sherry Turkle, a technology researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "is whether you can use it constructively to bring it back to the face to face.
As a full-service videoconferencing services and solutions provider, Face to Face Live uses the latest and most advanced management software, tools and equipment to maintain telepresence systems at customer sites.
Business Opportunity Grants" is part of British Airways' "Face to Face" program, a multi-phased campaign that aims to drive forward small and medium sized businesses by focusing on face to face connections as a crucial driver of business growth.