face to face

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Face to Face uses a video teleconference system called Defense Connect Online that permits the use of streaming video and audio from a secure feed.
A Face to Face Live engagement starts with telepresence consulting services, including video/audio recommendations, room design, network consulting and end-to-end user training.
Aslam added: "We started working with Face to Face on one of our latest residential development projects 'No.
My study compares the face to face instruction and the computer-mediated instruction (primarily through Daedalus Online's Discussion Board and InterChange spaces) used in both courses.
MJM Interactive integrates the company's unique Face to Face capability - which brings brands to life through direct human contact - with a full range of design, multimedia, digital media, custom application development and technology services.
MJM worked with Canon over a period of nine months and drew from its team of in-house producers, designers, artists, technology directors and Face to Face marketing experts.
Antagonist represents an opportunity for Image Entertainment to work with Face to Face front man Trever Keith for the development of fresh, new audio and video content that will have appeal to all youth culture lifestyles," said Barry Gordon, senior vice president of worldwide programming of Image Entertainment.
NEW YORK -- MJM, a Face to Face marketing and communications agency, today announced the opening of a new office in Washington DC.
As part of its mission to increase the adoption of Ethernet Services the MEF is looking for end user input to the standards process, as well as to facilitate face to face user input to the MEF's larger base of service providers.