face to face

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Face to Face uses a video teleconference system called Defense Connect Online that permits the use of streaming video and audio from a secure feed.
It is however worthy to note here that, though, this study could not establish a statistically significant effectiveness of captioned video instruction over face to face instruction, yet, it was obvious that students in the captioned video instruction group performed better than those in face-to-face instruction group as evident in table 3.
These interviews took the teachers through the entire circle: from teaching a face-to-face course, to developing and then teaching an online course, and then (where applicable) to teaching face to face. They elicited a long and complex list of the kinds of changes these teachers had made in adapting their face-to-face courses for the online environment, in teaching their online courses over several semesters, and in their subsequent face-to-face teaching.
Content and processes in problem based learning: a comparison of a computer mediated and face to face communication.
So as demands and commands to use more technology, more online components, and take up less of the classroom space required when meeting students regularly face to face increase, concerns mount regarding potential consequences for everyone involved.
Find reasons to meet with them face to face. Referral sources in the B tier, which have the potential to become A's with relatively little effort, call for an individual approach, too.
Fifteen of the auditors were informed that they would be reviewed face to face, while the other 15 were told they would receive an e-review.
[during] face to face, you know who's saying what to who."
Modern communications may make things faster and simpler, but people in the North-East still prefer to do business face to face, according to new research.
Swansea Institute photography lecturer Ruth Robinson will visit Brazil next month to continue her photography project, Face To Face.
Working relationships could develop remotely as well as face to face. Online communication will never entirely replace face to face meetings, however, so there will always be a need for conferences.
Preliminary results from a study she conducted last year, she says, suggest that "they are able to talk with one another about issues that bother them more readily online than when they are talking face to face."