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The Luddite Caucus was created, facetiously, to expose technologically illiterate members of Congress who are offline and out of touch with all the new-fangled technology.
'After all,' said a niece facetiously, 'the name of the group is Kilusang Mayo Uno, not Kilusang Mayo Dos.' Oo nga naman.
"If you're not taking vitamin B12, forget about having energy," the Atlantic article facetiously explained.
[Tadeco] facetiously turned into a witch hunt,' he added.
For on this momentous day, Barbra Joan Streisand, a woman so legendary she requires no facetiously pithy introduction to any of my readership, will be 75 years old.
It was his way of tutoring, which I facetiously label the "stepladder technique"!
The acid-tongued queen proclaimed she was an equal opportunity offender - "I'm not a racist; I hate everybody" - and facetiously presented herself as "a modern day people's princess".
"Some people have sort of facetiously offered that perhaps this is a Dyson sphere under construction: You're seeing lots of material getting built," Wright told (http://www.space.com/33813-alien-megastructure-mystery-tabbys-star.html) Space.com .
"Now help me on this: Have you ever had a moment when you're sitting at home and you've just had this incredible urge to give seven grand to Blago?" Cruz asked facetiously In Rockford.
Perhaps a better indicator -- he notes facetiously -- is the mainstream media, like when CNN.com's recent lead story was about crude oil at 13-year lows.
When I asked him for an explanation, the Oracle from Orvieto, as he was facetiously called, said he'd prefer she spend her time signing studio checks than shopping on Rodeo Drive.
As one of my medical school professors liked to say (only half facetiously), "If you don't take a temperature, you don't have to worry about a fever."