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He described himself, albeit facetiously, as "Joe Hot-Stick Aviator" because he had become extremely proficient in the SH-2F during his instructor tour.
Middlesbrough "main man" Majid Khan, 31 - whose barrister once facetiously likened him to Vito Corleone in The Godfather - was back at Teesside Crown Court this week.
Other transgressions cited by rehab workers included the singer ignoring a worker who was waiting to give him a drug test, rubbing elbows with a woman when he had signed an agreement to stay at least two feet away from all female clients and facetiously telling fellow patients, "I'm going to ask my higher power to take away my troubles.
As though to prove the point he even devotes a section of the act to his favourite involuntary noises of all-time, rounded off with a facetiously self-indulgent mix-tape.
Summary: In the late 1950s, the famous nuclear strategist Herman Kahn facetiously suggested building what he called a "Doomsday Machine.
I admit, I facetiously suggested a federal government mandate, but then we got down to serious discussions.
A colleague at the November 2012 workshop on "Integrating Social and Behavioral Energy Research Activities," organized by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, lamented facetiously that the number of research topics alone almost outstrips the number of current researchers.
This surely is the time to go and say, as president George Bush facetiously said about Iraq just after the US invasion, Mission Accomplished.
Which is why, Kipp facetiously decided to focus on a rather amusing aspect of the story.
When I suggested he was the reason for the acceptance rate, Hopkins demurred and facetiously cited "my magnetic personality" as a possible reason.
And it was at the house warming, so the historians tell us, that Dr Barton, a retired Ormskirk surgeon, facetiously named the place "Southport", dashing about him a bottle of wine in the manner of launching a ship.
It may seem like an awful burden, but somebody's got to take it on, and that Dear Reader, and I don't mean that facetiously, is you.