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The techniques of allusion, bombast, definition, exaggeration, facetiousness, insults, infantilism, irony, misunderstanding, over-literalness, puns, repartee, ridicule, sarcasm, and satire all fall under the language category of humor.
It provides an irresistible opportunity for facetiousness.
SHORT All facetiousness aside, Hughton was always well aware it couldn't last, his record and Blues.
In The Process, this idea of passing is thematized, with characteristic facetiousness, in regard to Hanson's career in academia.
For the facetiousness that came to him as soon as he put pen to paper, and the fantasy he had hitherto dissipated in quarrels with Shama and in invective against the Tulsis, were just the things Mr.
Here we must note that Pound cannot afford Dunbar's great strength for mbdng frivolity, even facetiousness, with high seriousness; Pound has to make his content banal so that he can concentrate on his form, since he is not yet ready to begin the long and arduous process of developing a new form to cope with the extremes of new content.
The war cry practice in Spud II, however, not only sees the boys reiterating these hostile sentiments, but also testifies to an increase in bloodthirstiness and brutality, a circumstance which serves to highlight the implicit facetiousness of such violent commands (Van de Ruit, 2007:133).
With a hint of facetiousness in his voice, he declared that these definitions "were comprehensive enough, it would seem, to include even an Indian.
The facetiousness of the cartoon also highlights the fact that whenever women appear in public domains or mainstream politics, they are not taken seriously enough by their men folk by brushing aside their public skills and leadership capabilities.
THE UNDERCURRENT OF facetiousness that attaches itself to the subtitle of Tom Inglis' new volume, Global Ireland: Same Difference, in truth, throws into relief one of the curiosities of Ireland's enthusiasm for the patterns of contemporary globalization.
5] is the catalogue of an exhibition mounted in honor of a visit to its counterpart in Boston by a distinguished London-based bibliophilic society whose members take themselves with deeply serious facetiousness.
Such laboured facetiousness becomes wearing, and eventually self-caricaturing.