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Facetiousness aside, there may not be an ideal race for Don't Push It next month.
If his coworkers see Jahn Brodwin at his computer playing a game of Spider solitaire, they know there won't be a shred of facetiousness in his voice when he explains that he's having a busy day.
King's epistolary facetiousness anticipates what will become Lamb's treatment of ancient cookery in the emerging romantic spirit of "gusto.
And the building's very antithetical stance to traditional architectural values such as harmony and elegance, its transgressive facetiousness, its affirmation of rejection as a value in itself, irrespective of the value of what is rejected, is perfectly calculated to cash in on a sociological trend in all western societies: the mass bohemianization of the population.
the implications that lie behind the facetiousness.
Facetiousness aside, however, why do Paul Krugman, Bradford DeLong, Joseph Stiglitz, Kenneth Arrow, Robert Solow, James Tobin, (9) Alan Krueger, Richard Freeman, John Kenneth Galbraith, James K.
It would be difficult to hear the tone as anything other than facetious, but it is more difficult to accept facetiousness in such a context.
An error, later attributed to typesetting on the August 11, 1864 edition, inserts part of a French abolitionist pamphlet into the English section; this faux pas may in fact have been the work of Paul Trevigne, whose militant facetiousness is evident throughout the paper in his use of irony.
At the same time, Risenga, who emphasises facetiousness and cracking of jokes, also avers that "in order to trigger laughter in the observers, a humorist is obliged to be facetious.
For all our facetiousness in presenting a picture of what's in and what's out in literary studies, our table makes an important point.