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If an injury of the facial artery is suspected, the vessel should be ligated in order to prevent the development of serious vascular complications, particularly if the patient has unfavorable circumstances that limit his examination and before the clinical picture.
The subdermal plexus is supplied by feeder vessels from the branches of the facial artery and provides the blood supply to the nasolabial muscle and skin.
11,19 This actually corresponds to the assumption that not only the facial artery, but probably a rich subdermal- plexus also sup- plies the flap.
The facial artery and the posterior facial vein groove the posterior part of the gland.
Management of palatal fistulas are done with local flaps (palatal flaps, island flaps, rotational flaps, hinge flaps), inter positional flaps with cancellous bone and periosteum, tongue flaps1, buccal flaps2, nasolabial flaps, vonlangenback flaps, facial artery musculomusoal flaps3, Temporalis flaps and fore arm flaps4.
Using a pachymeter with 0,02mm of accuracy the distances were measured taking as a reference the origin of the lingual artery related to the the facial artery, the superior thyroid artery and with the bifurcation of the common carotid artery (Fig.
All mandibular branches were above the mandibular margin as it crossed the facial artery.
Distal to the parotid gland, danger areas where nerve branches became superficial were distal temporal, lower buccal, upper mandibular branches over the masseter muscle, marginal mandibular as it crossed the facial artery (Rudolph, 1990) (5).
the internal maxillary artery, the transverse facial artery, and the lingual and facial arteries) via a femoral approach was performed with particles of different sizes.
The facial artery and vein were traced at the antero inferior angle of the masseter and traced forwards.