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This study was carried out among the 781 cases of facial clefts who attended the Smile Train Centre at Srishti Hospitals, Dibrugarh, Assam, India, from January 2008 to June 2014.
Characteristic Nonsmokers Smokers All Infants 602 287 Sex Female 252 132 Male 350 155 Facial cleft status Control 347 126 Cleft lip with or without 160 113 cleft palate Cleft palate only 95 48 Gestational age (weeks) 38.
Rey-Bell and Honlfeld (2004) evaluated the specialised counselling received by parents after the prenatal diagnosis of an oral facial cleft and documented common parental reactions at the time of diagnosis included guilt, anxiety, fear and sadness.
Subjects with facial clefts are reported more concerned about their physical self concepts (Tobiasen et al.
The antenatal group for families expecting a child with a facial cleft has become part of the routine care the NWNW Cleft Network provides.
Like any facial cleft surgery, correction of soft tissue defects (3,4) is the primary goal of treatment.
Midline cleft of the lower lip is a rare congenital anomaly first described by Couronne in 1819 and was classified by Tessier as No 30 facial cleft.
7 or Transverse facial cleft of varying severity, which is a rare congenital anomaly.
Choanal atresia can be an isolated anomaly, however 60% cases of congenital defect has found to be associated with Down's and Treacher Collins syndrome but may be found with other isolated defects such as micrognathia, tracheoesophageal fistula, cleft and high arched palate, missing teeth and facial cleft.
Of note, the fetuses with trisomy 18 also had abdominal wall defects and facial cleft that raised the suspicion of a chromosomal abnormality.
Use of multivitamins containing folic acid by women during peri conception period not only reduce the incidence of neural tube defects but also decrease the incidence of other birth defects like limb defects, heart defects, oral facial clefts and pyloric stenosis etc8.