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A robust linear regression model was employed using the R package, MASS (Venables and Ripley 2002), to test the association between maternal smoking status (binary variable: active smokers versus nonsmokers and passive/i nfrequent smokers) and methylation ([beta]-value) at each CpG site, adjusting for facial cleft status (control, cleft lip with or without cleft palate, and cleft palate only), infant's sex, and two technical factors: batch effects (96-well plate) and bisulfite conversion efficiency (model 1) (see Supplemental Material, Methods, Data pre-processing).
The birth of an infant with a facial cleft can be an emotionally traumatic time initiating feelings and reactions in the parents in response to the facial appearance (Beaumont, 2006).
The accuracy of antenatal ultrasound in the detection of facial clefts in a low-risk screening population.
Subjects with facial clefts are reported more concerned about their physical self concepts (Tobiasen et al.
Seventy-three children were born from April 2007 to March 2008 with a facial cleft, of whom 56 were referred for antenatal support from an anomaly scan.
Facial clefting and psychiatric diseases: a follow-up of the Danish 1936-1987 Facial Cleft cohort.
They joined forces to treat the brave Bosnian boy with an extremely rare deformity called a facial cleft.
But a trained sonographer does not need the 3-D image to diagnose a facial cleft.