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Tortuosity of the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, posterior inferior cerebellar artery, basilar artery, or vertebral artery can compress the facial nerve at the root exit zone, resulting in unilateral spasms.
Our previous studies demonstrating the effectiveness of ES in enhancing recovery from facial nerve crush injury have used daily stimulation beginning the day after injury [5-6].
Erosion of the labyrinth with resultant lateral semicircular canal fistula, erosion of the dural plate, the temporomandibular joint, and facial nerve palsy, although rare, have been described in the literature (5).
Northwestern Medicine offers a wide range of treatment technology, including surgical and nonsurgical solutions, for facial nerve disorders, including Bell's palsy, paralysis, spasm or neuralgia.
Epstein-Barr virus producing infectious mononucleosis and Herpes viruses may also affect the facial nerve but the patient did not report sore throat, fever and body pains.
Following surgery, the patient presented with temporary partial facial nerve palsy (House-Blackmann, grade 3) and taste disorder.
An 82 year-old male diagnosed with right parotid squamous cell carcinoma in 2014, underwent subtotal parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation and sternocleidomastoid myoplasty in a different healthcare facility.
Facial nerve paralysis occurs in 50% of transvers fractures, and the paralysis is likely to be immediate in onset.
Right total parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation and primary closure was carried out successfully.
blood vessels compress the Root Exit Zone (REZ) of facial nerve to damage the myelin sheath.
In this article, we describe transient postoperative facial nerve palsy as a complication of the scalp block in a patient undergoing burr hole evacuation of subdural hematoma.
The facial nerve usually escapes longitudinal fractures, but is injured in transverse fractures of the petrous temporal bone.