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They distinguished the following facies belts: tidal flat/lagoonal, shoal, open shelf, transitional (i.
Facies are described using the terminology developed for the overlying Joggins Formation (Davies and Gibling 2003).
Clastic facies consists of marls, but most outcrops are erroded or covered by alluvium deposits in some areas.
V/(V+Ni) ratio is a commonly-used parameter of paleo-oxygenation facies, V/(V+Ni) > 0.
beginning with an overview of the seismic reflection method in general and its limitations, two major sections focus on the description of seismic stratigraphic techniques themselves--including a manual of basic observations, terminology and classification of seismic facies units and a chapter on well calibration and control--and on the depositional environment and facies interpretation.
The first one corresponds to epidote-amphibolite facies, represented by hornblende + epidote group minerals + quartz + albite [+ or -] garnet (Figure 3c).
Additionally, the suite was selected because of its novel seismic characterization approaches to generating direct hydrocarbon indicators and transforming seismic data to rock properties, and its ability to differentiate seismic facies within key depositional units.
An additional 132 km of 2D seismic data is planned to be acquired in the northern Pedirka Basin to confirm the Pellinor lead that involves a Warburton Basin play associated with interpreted carbonate reefal facies.
Computed elastic parameters can be used to condition both facies models and the petrophysical properties of the reservoir.
Constructing a facies model is an ingenious way of examining the complexities of sedimentary systems.
In some cultures upwards of 90 percent of children are born into one-parent facies where the father is not physically present.