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In general, the main objectives of this study are: 1-Determining relative age of these deposits using foraminifera and calcareous alga (carbonate part) as well as their stratigraphic position (evaporite and silici-clastic parts) 2-Identifying and analyzing facies and also checking vertical and horizontal changes of facies 3-Interpreting depositional paleo environment and offering depositional model 4-Identifying depositional sequences and sequence boundaries by using fossils and other data and comparing sea level fluctuation at the time of deposition with global eustatic curve of Haq et al.
Several studies beginning in the 1960s and 1970s showed that the pre-Silurian Bronson Hill-Boundary Mountains terrane had shed sediment southeastward into the basin starting in Late Ordovician time and proposed a proximal-to-distal facies transition extending from western Maine to the Waterville area of central Maine (Osberg et al.
Keywords: continental-coastal facies, large-scale channels, ferruginous crusts, wrinkle marks, vertebrate tracks, Cenomanian.
The Eocene in other parts of Syria is in a neritic, partly reefoid and partly argillaceous, facies reaching maximum development in Lebanon's Beqa' plateau.
Numerous works have also dealt with the facies distribution of the sediments of Gotland (e.
En la correlacion de las columnas no se encontro una continuidad lateral de las icnofacies, por lo que se analizo su relacion con los cuerpos sedimentarios, identificandose que las icnofacies Coprinisphaera se encuentran generalmente hacia el tope de las columnas y la icnofacies Scoyenia tipo Skolithos se encuentra a cualquier profundidad de las columnas, y que la icnofacies Scoyenia tipo Camborygma esta generalmente asociada a las facies limosas de mayor espesor, de antiguas depresiones, donde se formaron lagunas, reinando un ambiente de aguas tranquilas, lo que permitio el desarrollo de esas estructuras mas complejas.
Esta etapa se lleva a cabo una vez realizada la etapa de laboratorio, y comprende tanto la definicion de posibles facies sedimentarias y ambientes depositacionales, como el establecimiento de conclusiones finales.
Seismic stratigraphy and depositional facies models.
Medium grained Dolomitic Calcareous Sandstone Facies (MF2): This facies is 4.