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Oakley Capital, which acted through its OCPE II Master LP fund, will invest in the development of Facile alongside the company's founders, who will re-invest a portion of the proceeds received from the sale.
All of it enacted through facile lies and nothing to do with freedom or justice.
The grading of molto facile (very easy) and facile (easy) gave me pause.
In Newbridge goals were the vital scores as Kildare were hit for four and Kerry made the long journey a worthwhile one with a facile 4-13 to 0-11 win.
In the rural mountains of Haiti, Facile sits in a tree and thinks about what gift he can give to his new baby sister.
Going beyond facile assessment of Rosas as a tyrannical seducer and manipulator of the masses, Salvatore analyzes the complex ways in which the Rosas state and the subaltern engaged each other.
Vadawina was previously unbeaten herself from three outings, including a facile victory in the Prix Saint-Alary, and was travelling well up to a furlong out on Sunday before being eased as Divine Proportions strolled to success.
00), who has winning form in the mud and is on a high after a facile success at Kelso last time.
The Swedish spirits company Facile & Co AB issued its third quarter report on Monday (8 November), posting an operating loss of SEK1.
This show, and many others like it, is facile rubbish which the viewers should be protected from.
Inspired by real-life massacres, Elephant rejects the facile "explanations" served up by Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine, refusing to see human beings as socially engineered puppets.
This isn't a facile book that can, or should, be read quickly.