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issued that fall with the blessings of Walter White, (46) James Weldon Johnson sought to counter Du Bois's controversial stance by facilely theorizing that Afro-Americans had but two choices in their quest for equality: integration or isolation.
In the case of Callieres, his recommendations concerning the essential elements of negotiations and qualities of negotiators have a decided ring of modernity but--and this is critical--these must not be extrapolated from their historic/political context and facilely transferred to the present.
if you're reading this, I expect you can rattle them off as facilely as I can).
I end up resentful of Poyer's facilely drawn figures and expertly executed perspective; his skill made me pay attention to something I would rather ignore.
Throughout, Boime facilely shifts perspective from the macro level of national politics to the micro level of individual biography.
Philosophical concerns, such as whether killing is a genuine solution to conflict and whether a particular war is in fact just, may be facilely brushed aside by diagnosing the soldiers in whom these concerns arise as maladjusted and medicating them until they have been subdued to the point of no longer feeling the need to articulate their concerns because these concerns have melted away in a drug-induced haze.
Though faithful to his source, Hamada never formulates a cinematic equivalent for Inoue's first-person voice, and facilely splits the point of view between the writer/protagonist and his youngest daughter, dissipating the impact of the hero's conflicted emotions.
Unfortunately, the rather dismal quality of the writing certainly cannot be overlooked quite as facilely as the author overlooks the presence of labyrinths within the walls of several of Europe's great cathedrals.
Although northern Africans had sometimes been distinguished from central Africans, in this instance the mainstream press facilely depicted Africans in Tripoli as savage and neatly viewed the region as part of Africa tenebrosa.
Though the question on the type of patronage of a certain religious order may facilely expand to the entire category of religious orders, the variegated ways through which the religious formations conduct themselves attest to the diverse motivations intervening upon the system of patronage.
In the 1940s and well into the 1960s they established, especially in the Western Cape and, as Gevisser (2007: 96-97) notes, in the Eastern Cape " the heartland of what is now too facilely described as African National Congress (ANC) territory " structures that engaged powerfully with local communities.
67) The racial effects should not be facilely cast aside.