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facilis has also been recorded from South Africa for the first time here, more than doubling the number of species known from the region to 14.
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Facilis Terrablock storage made it easy to create audio output stems in a quick and efficient manner, saving both time and money for the client.
New UK and European Distributor Announced for Facilis Terrablock
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Admittedly, only gladiators (monomavcoi) are mentioned in Hadrian's letter to Aphrodisias, but wild beast fighters are specifically attested there in the second or early third century and later, (22) and may well have been a regular component of munera before that date without explicit mention being made of them; Pliny's somewhat patronizing letter to his friend Maximus at Verona, commiserating with the non-delivery of beasts (Africanae) for what he calls a gladiatorium munus in memory of Maximus's wife, makes such a point of stressing Maximus's generosity (tam facilis tam liberalis in edendo fuisti, Epist.
And Ovid's older contemporary Propertius also closely describes the act of swimming without naming it, "teneat clausam tenui Teuthrantis in unda/alternae facilis cedere lympha manu," which I would roughly put: "Let the fresh spring water of Teuthra hold you in its weak wave/easy to move one hand after the other.
The only Latin I remember from my schooldays is Facilis descensus avernus: Easy is the descent into hell.
98 AF150805 Hypomicrobium facilis 99 Y14311 (a) From GenBank (2002).
Plurimum sub ipsis praeceptoribus profecisse adolescentem, natura ad omnem prudentiam et doctrinam ediscendam proclivem, ad hoc singularibus ingenii dotibus adiutum, etiamsi eius scripta non testarentur, facilis est ex rebus certissimis coniectura" (B4v).
These are LaCie (hybrid NAS/cloud storage), Facilis (SAN and archiving storage), MOG (ingest appliances), Cache-A (archiving appliances), and Telestream (transcoding software).