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What is to hinder your facili tating the post-office work, and obliging a lady, by adding the name of the post-town (if it happens to be left out), with your own hand?
The former was indeed not a Platonist, nor strictly speaking an Aristotelian - nor did he, like the modern Leibnitz, waste those precious hours which might be employed in the invention of a fricasée or, facili gradu, the analysis of a sensation, in frivolous attempts at reconciling the obstinate oils and waters of ethical discussion.
Facilis, a shared storage solutions provider for collaborative media production networks has announced the successful installation of a multi-user shared storage system within a new broadcast production facility in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment (VWSE Productions), a full-service entertainment production company, has been deploying Facilis shared storage systems to produce big screen content for its on-site production departments as well as for use off-site during major sporting events.
Contract Awarded for Mac Pro For Premiere Editorial Client For Facilis Terrablock Shared Storage System And Components
Burkholderia pseudomallai and Burkholderia glumae had higher frequency almost in all tested rice varieties, while Acidovorax facilis had higher frequency only in CB- 38.
henisit, con eugiamet dit autat landignim dolummy nonulputat vel dio conse ex eriurerit ad ero exerostionse dolor ilit volor aut lum dolore conse dolesto do odo od tioeirea facilis molorpe raesto ero coeireaore dolendit alis eireut lore facinibh exerat, quissis alit ex ex eum velendre dolutatis at.
Facilis Terrablock storage made it easy to create audio output stems in a quick and efficient manner, saving both time and money for the client.
Landre do cortinis acidui eu facilis accummy nullan henit eu faccum volendreetue mincip euis ent ad min henim irit alisl dolobor iure del digna
The only Latin I remember from my schooldays is Facilis descensus avernus: Easy is the descent into hell.
Em facilis, por exemplo, a indicacao de que o a de fa e breve significa que, em composicao, onde a silaba la deixa de ser a primeira pelo acrescimo do prefixo negativo dis-, a vogal desta silaba se fecha em i, difficilis, com assimilacao do -s ao f- de facilis.