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Specifically, the program reported here is structured to facilitate the development of reciprocity in thinking along dimensions of collaborative problem solving, inquiry, and action.
If a messenger model is used improperly, it can facilitate an unlawful price-fixing agreement.
The goal of PRTs in the security realm is to promote an atmosphere of security to facilitate civilian reconstruction efforts.
263 (a)-5 (c)(1), an amount paid to facilitate a borrowing does not facilitate another transaction.
The DAU must focus on the many disciplines of KM--our major challenge and goal is to facilitate KS.
Any system that facilitates such improvements will have the same impact on the P&L.
While doing so, we will continue to take a broad approach to our work, to ensure the progress of fundamental knowledge, to facilitate serendipity, and to prepare ourselves for unanticipated requirements.
To facilitate 30 presentations to 1500 5th grade children.
An objective of Goal 7 is to facilitate learning organizations by fully deploying an overarching learning strategy--the AT & L Performance Learning Model (PLM).
All corners should abut precisely, and the two outer corners should form perfect right angles to facilitate flap reapproximation (figure 3).
Training Staff to Facilitate Co-creation of Emotionally Safe Environments
Now, with the latest release of XpressB2B, we can facilitate and enhance communication between the global supply chain community with a reliable and integrated Supply Chain Management service that delivers document exchange, work-in-progress management, multi-partner relationship management, document preparation and Internet EDI.