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The loan facilitated the purchase of this building and featured a five year term.
This activity is carried out by geoscientists whose contribution and progress is facilitated by a well-coordinated spectrum of geoscience and geoscience-related societies that play a vital role in serving the needs of Canadians.
The learning organization initiative was facilitated by DAU's close ties to the newly formed Air Armament Academy at the Air Armament Center (AAC).
Results of the Bavarian Reperfusion Alternatives Evaluation (BRAVE) demonstrated that, contrary to expectation, final infarct size was no smaller in patients randomized to facilitated percutaneous intervention (PCI) than in those who got abciximab alone as pretreatment before PCI.
All of the above techniques to enhance camper emotional safety can be facilitated with staff during training and lesson plans for each activity can be kept on file.
We're looking for pioneers in facilitated dialogue.
An example of unexpected synergism resulting from these novel polymer combinations, facilitated by surfacetreatment, is abrasion resistance.
This can be facilitated much in the same manner as the learning process is facilitated with participants.
to allow for the forfeiture of this very long standing rent controlled tenancy, the court must consider whether the (tenant) has facilitated, permitted and/or acquiesced in this intolerable situation".
The Honky Tonk Hall of Fame, which maintains one of the largest private collections of country music memorabilia in the country, facilitated the spring 2006 eBay sale of Presley's home on 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis for $1 million.