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Likewise, the facilitatory effect has been found in English-speaking adult readers, a language with unclear syllabic boundaries (Macizo & Van Petten, 2007).
The fact that double-redundant trials were more frequent than the triple and singly redundant trials was necessary, in order to have a balanced stimulus distribution that avoided facilitatory contingencies (see above).
Facilitatory neuromodulative effect of duloxetine on pudendal motor neurons controlling urethral pressure: a functional urodynamic study in healthy women.
There are several compelling demonstrations of the facilitatory effects of cues to animacy (e.
Facilitatory and inhibitory effects of harmaline on the tryptophan-induced 5-hydroxytryptamine syndrome and body temperature changes in pargyline-pretreated rats.
The brief and the prolonged facilitatory effects of unmyelinated afferent input on the rat spinal cord are independently influecend by peripheral nerve injury.
HIV-discordant or -concordant couples may spontaneously decide to cease their ART regimen as they intend to begin a family; sympathetic and facilitatory fertility counselling during ART initiation counselling, should prevent this.
Have the SPLM leaders fulfilled what was enshrined in their manifesto and other founding documents which could be summarized as follows: 1) Maintaining peace among the people and with their neighbours; 2) Developing institutional and physical infrastructure; 3) Ensuring better governance and facilitatory leadership; 4) Regenerating the innovative and productive assets of Southern Sudanese for the service of their Motherland; 5) Prioritizing agricultural production as the renewable engine of economic growth with the help of petroleum income; and 6) Eradicating poverty, especially in rural areas and urban slums where majority of population live.
Serotonin is a facilitatory neuromodulator of synaptic transmission and "reinforces" long-term potentiation induction in the vertical lobe of Octopus vulgaris.
To allow the facilitatory rather than inhibitory role of unconscious information processing to take place in teaching and learning performances, relevant literature reviewed here suggests that educators use effective visual-teaching aids and allow students construct mental imagery, either consciously or unconsciously.
Neighbourhood effects in visual word recognition: Facilitatory or inhibitory?
As Pulvermuller puts it, the brain distinguishes between words and similar but novel and meaningless items, the semantic category of the stimulus words is not the only variable determining the topography of brain activation (the overlap of semantic representations should allow for facilitatory priming effects), strong connections are present between all components of a distributed representation of a word, and a neurobiological model can incorporate aspects of visual word processing.

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