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Based on the lack of proof and absence of expert testimony put forth by the plaintiff, a reasonable factfinder could have determined that the $1 million figure was essentially pulled out of the air with no realistic connection to actual damages suffered by the deceased claimant's estate.
73) The expert's testimony on implicit bias presents a factfinder with information and context necessary to accurately assess the reasonableness of the plaintiff's theory linking workplace disparity to a specific employment policy.
571, 601 (1998) (concluding that a judgment produced by a debiased factfinder "might seem less fair than an uncorrected, biased judgment").
There were fewer factfinders on the employee benefits side, but they were equally effective.
163) Expert witnesses are now able to aid judges and juries in understanding how battered women act and how they perceive imminent danger--observations that may not be apparent to a factfinder.
An emerging notion that the factfinder should compare the plaintiff's story to the defendant's story might be a step forward, but this relative plausibility conjecture has its problems.
One can debate whether the Garner or Brown grand juries were used in ordinary or appropriate ways, in which the grand jury follows the prosecutor's lead based on the state's strongest evidence, or whether they were used in an atypical manner as factfinders outside an open and adversarial trial process.
In its amicus brief, the plaintiffs' bar urged the court to adopt a standard that would allow an employer to be held liable for retaliation even if the factfinder believed the employer had legitimate reasons for firing a whistleblower.
In his ruling, Beaty said that a reasonable factfinder could conclude that the display of the Christian flag and cross statue violate the separation of church and state, and thus those claims should proceed to trial.
The Disability Employment Tabulation 2008-2010 is available via the Census Bureau's online statistics search tool American FactFinder at http://factfinder2.
residents speak Spanish at home, and more than 55% of them say they also speak English (American FactFinder, 2010).
1 billion, 193,000-mem-ber Coastal is the first credit union user of the Research Triangle company's FactFinder solution, the company said.