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Deeply divisive and contested results of 2014 elections and the National Unity Government created thereafter failed to end the factional fight for power, raising a question of legitimacy and affecting the effectiveness of the current government, the article said.
FNR headed by renowned priest Rev Wati Aier started playing a crucial role to stop the mindless act of factional violence.
The factional activities gained momentum because of the delay in intraparty elections over and again.
For example, instead of debating whether factional ties matter for promotion, quantitative measurements of factional ties allow scholars to gauge the impact of factional ties with individual senior leaders in the CCP and under specific political environments.
Due to the factional war, the sports ministry has asked both bodies to put on hold all events until it recognises one of the federations to run the sport in the country.
Unfortunately, the need to separate politics -- factional or otherwise -- from the humanitarian issue does not appear to be on the agenda of either foreign and Arab donors, or of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in spite of the letter he sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on 30 July declaring Gaza a "disaster zone" in the grips of a "dangerous humanitarian crisis.
They are exerting efforts towards covering the oppression in Syria through factional divide, just the way that [Bassar al-] Assad wants it.
Summary: President Sleiman said that taking advantage of Lebanon's system which is based on partnership and pluralism to preserve factional quotas in public administration is impeding the work of the state.
He also provides important insight into factional struggles inside the Communist Party and how these struggles manifest themselves at the top of Chinese politics.
General Baba Jan is a former communist military officer and was a firm supporter of northern alliance during factional fighting in Afghanistan before Taliban rule.
Indeed, these protests took a factional aspect, at a time when the Bahraini authorities tried - whether through direct initiatives or based on foreign advice - to contain the protests, while recognizing the existence of a flaw that must be rectified and the fact that dialogue could secure the required reform.
Strategic Global Investments Inc (Pink Sheets: STBV), a real estate development company in US, has announced acquisition of land for development of luxury factional housing.