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To insist that Gaza's reconstruction be linked to the reinstatement of the "full" authority of the Palestinian presidency and the PA over Gaza, and to the donors' political conditions which, in fact, are the conditions of the occupying power, is merely another way to say that the reconstruction of Gaza should be linked to the imposition of Fatah's factional agenda on Gaza.
They are exerting efforts towards covering the oppression in Syria through factional divide, just the way that [Bassar al-] Assad wants it.
BEIRUT: President Michel Sleiman said over the weekend that taking advantage of Lebanon's system which is based on partnership and pluralism to preserve factional quotas in public administration is impeding the work of the state.
Zhao lays bare the factional disputes, personal rivalries, and petty backstabbing that takes place in the inner sanctums of power in China.
However, neither the Bahraini official calls for dialogue with the demonstrators to look into the demands and the general pardon in favor of convicts, nor the massive financial Gulf aid to support this reform managed to convince the protesters to vacate the street and accept the proposed political solutions, as they held on to their condition of seeing the changing of the constitutional character of the authority for factional reasons.
The company has announced a contract to acquire a 48 acre parcel of land close to La Paz, Mexico with around five acres of beach frontage for luxury factional housing.
Yet this system has conserved momentum until today, leading Shih to conclude that without a strong economic shock or a profound political realignment, the Chinese factional system has little incentive to change.
Reeling from the Israeli occupation, a crippling siege and the after-shocks of a violent factional struggle, Palestinians in Gaza face a grim and grinding daily fight to prevent social collapse and cultural extinction.
The killings took place in May 2007 during factional fighting between the rival Fatah and Hamas factions.
The Hamas-run Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip said the Fatah men were detained for questioning after holding an "illegal factional meeting.
Divided by a common language; factional conflict in late Northern Song China.
Unity Without Uniformity" is entertaining and inspiring reading -especial for any church leader or parishioner who feels Christian factional enmity must be ended in the universal brotherhood of the Christian community.