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Addressing reporters, Balakrishnan said the highlight of the party was that they have been able to root out factionalism at all levels.
But it was short track speed skating that was notorious for being plagued with factionalism until a few years ago.
Moreover, it will also isolate opposition's chances of weakening the party from within by encouraging factionalism in the party's ranks.
In the cases of both the Philippines and Indonesia, personalism within the military led to growing factionalism, and, when popular protests erupted, personalism and the dictator's direct interference in military affairs motivated unhappy senior officers to abandon the authoritarian regime and ally with disillusioned domestic civilian forces and major figures in the local opposition movement.
First, the probability of defection depends on the level of factionalism in the armed forces, which is conditioned by the 'institutional heritage' (p.
He warned about the dangers of sliding into division and factionalism and urged all Bahrainis to assume their responsibilities to overcome challenges and achieve goals.
But corruption, decadence, and factionalism plague the court in exile.
Burnham said: "There is a factionalism that is bubbling under which, to his credit, Jeremy has not (endorsed).
Imran Khan has called all the three factions and cautioned them that no factionalism is acceptable in the ranks of party as it is bringing bad name to party.
The party high command is making all- out efforts to end the factionalism and want to unite Captain Amarinder Singh and Partap Singh Bajwa.
Mr Hollande's promised reforms did not take off because of the factionalism within his Socialist Party.