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Though speaking the new language of democratization and national reconciliation, and having presided over an eye-opening national conference, the president was still seen by many to govern by long-established Chadian rules of ethnic and factionalist politics: while leading the broadbased-sounding Mouvement Patriotique du Salut (MPS), it was Deby's profile not only as a Zaghawa, but especially as member of the Bideyat clan, which explained his base of support and political modus operandi.
But government repression, intense as it was, only disrupted the IWA leftists; it was left for conservative factionalists to exploit these disruptions and use them as an opportunity to oust the Communists.
241) One party factionalist acknowledged that "We are doing nothing in the field of political and industrial work .
Pate suggests that the domination of the discourse by factionalist Social Democrat language was what determined the eventual continuation of factionalism, despite the non-partisan realities for grassroots activists.
The left-wing factionalist had come to believe, in Morgan's words, that "American free enterprise was the most powerful vehicle for the extension of democracy," especially as reformed by unions such as the ILGWU, while "in Russia 'the workers paradise,' labour was subjected to speedup systems and severely punished for infractions of factory discipline.
He said: "Momentum factionalists are just looking for ridiculous fights over anything.
In this way, Hayward risks misleading readers about the real reasons for the Berns-Jaffa feud, which not only embarrassed many of their friends but also encouraged an unjustified image of Straussians as factionalists, which only added fuel to the fires of Strauss's typically ill-informed and often highly partisan critics.