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Iraq and Syria will probably be a collection of small regional entities that may have fought themselves to a standstill, but will hesitate to rejoin the nation states they will have come from, while Yemen and Libya may have found a way to weld their factious militias into some loose arrangements where feeble central governments are allowed to hold the ring as long as they do not interfere too much in regional and local affairs.
His account of a Protestant explosion that spurred dynamic Roman Catholic renewal and eventually had to deal with the fallout of the factious forces it set in motion could just as plausibly be about the European Reformation.
Our goal is to improve our visibility but we must be careful about the factious Impact Factor.
They claim there are only false tales of "gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, factious wartime barbaric sadistic atrocities forms of mass murder designed to exterminate all European Jewry.
Nonetheless, medieval Sunni Muslim scholars accepted the legitimacy of any and all governments, not because they were just but because they were necessary to defend the society against invasions, and to keep the peace among factious communities.
Factious amnesia (Table 2) (6) is a symptom of factious disorder in which amnesia appears with the motivation to assume a sick role.
To what extent can a writer weave factious stories in a realistic way that gives the reader an impression that they were inspired by true events?
O sheep, beware the factious fools Whose slander is not fit for wolves.
The biomedical lobby became more factious, more specialized, and harder to harness into a coherent movement for biomedical research as a whole.
In case of submission from overseas if you suspect the signature on Letter of Undertaking are factious ask the authors to submit a new Letter of Undertaking with proper signature by all the authors.
The other half the time it's entirely factious - and, based on my experience of watching the crimes unfold from the window - she blames my kids for something I've just watched her do.
These are the product of divergent beliefs, idiosyncratic personal worship, and a factious crew offering advice.