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Is it a factitious idea, manufactured by Descartes from, say, his own nature with his own imperfections removed?
There is no better illustration of this transfer and extrinsic attribution as well as of extrinsic intelligibility in regard to beings of reason than Suarez's text where he notes that factitious things or beings of reason (fictae, aut entia rationis)(53) are not said truly and properly to endure because they do not exist.
Feldman and Ford are experts in the field of factitious disorders.
The spread of education, by enlarging the cultivated class or caste, will open a wider area over which the social feelings will expand; and, if this education should be universal and complete, it would do more than all things else to obliterate factitious distinctions in society.
False reports of seizures, allergies, hematuria, and vomiting are common, and combinations of factitious diseases are the rule.
Not the least virtue of Westall's contributors is their refusal to create a factitious new specialty of "insurance history' and their insistence on integrating their work with wider themes of social, political, and economic development.
He said that the story is totally baseless, factitious and fabricated as no such access to NADRA record was given to any country including US and UK.
Artingstall, a hospital security manager and former police officer and investigator specializing in criminal and civil violations with a factitious element, offers practical and forensic investigative techniques for factitious disorder and factitious disorder by proxy (formerly Munchausen by proxy).
Our differential diagnosis included MDD, adjustment disorder, neurocognitive disorder, and factitious disorder.
For decades, researchers have been committed to the development of in vitro rearing techniques for mass producing Trichogramma species to overcome the high costs and inadequate supplies of factitious hosts.
The diagnosis of Factitious Disorder by proxy (FDbp) became a distinct possibility.
We concluded that this patient had factitious hypoglycemia, a syndrome where patients self-induce hypoglycemia to seek medical attention or assume a sick role.