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In this case, if the agency could say that the mother had created this illness in her daughter, then it would be correct to assert that the mother did indeed have factitious disorder by proxy.
Pre-analytical causes include factitious (pseudohyperkatemia), collection errors, or sample processing errors.
Research has indicated that many mothers with MSP also suffer from factitious somatoform disorder (Bools, Neale, & Meadow, 1994).
In 1995, the American Psychological Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (DSM-IV), included a definition for factitious disorder by proxy, which is now the accepted psychiatric category for Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy (MSBP).
Factitious Disorder in school settings: A case example with implications for school psychologists.
Alfred Hiatt brings to light documents showing the late medieval efforts of Cambridge University to provide for itself an ancient, if factitious, foundation; Scott-Morgan Straker argues that Lydgate's Troy Book is a warning to Henry V about his imperial ambitions; Nicolette Zeeman has a solid account of Studie in Piers Plowman; and Helen Cooper surveys again, with much good sense, Chaucer's relation to Dante--arguing in passing that the 'English Gaufride' who is presented as a historian of Troy in the House of Fame is not Geoffrey of Monmouth but Chaucer himself, and so linking that poem to the Troilus.
The concept of factitious sexual harassment might also have some pertinence to false claims of clergy sexual abuse.
"Certainly it would be tragic to treat the young woman with 'factitious dysmenorrhea' with antiprostaglandins rather than provide her with the contraception she needs," she said.
''I feel there may be some factitious factors behind such a wild fluctuation'' in the currency market, Shiokawa told reporters.
In this provocative work Mary Baine Campbell follows the complex career of wonder, showing, among many other things, its usefulness in early travelogues, its unhurried and several departures from proper scientific discourse, its rather factitious reemergence in female speakers such as Fontenelle's Marquise, and its inevitable metamorphosis into speechless horror in the colonial novel.
His consciousness is schizophrenic: he lives in two cities at once, where the fading memories of 1848 vie with present impressions of Haussmann's factitious Paris.
A factitious journal or confession, supplemented by a confusion of authorial stand-aside notes, leaving one, for all their recondite accuracy and patent erudition, high and dry above reality, confounded between fact, faction and fiction.