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Factitious biochemical measurements resulting from hematologic conditions.
In differential diagnosis of the abnormal illness behaviors of malingering, factitious disorders, and somatoform disorders, counselors must evaluate how much the client's deceptive behavior is conscious and intentional (Wiley, 1998).
The three diagnoses with the least degree of confidence included factitious disorders (11 = 92) with a mean of 39.
At the end of the twenty-four-hour span of the story, Otilia has been through a sort of socio-emotional marathon, but it never seems crowded or factitious because of the way in which time is taken, is inhabited, all along the way.
Framed by stories of Britain's Trojan foundations, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight demonstrates the singular power of such factitious ethno-history.
Factitious asthma: Factitious asthma is a condition in which the patient has asthma-like symptoms (coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath) that are self-induced or due to psychopathology.
The factitious documents were presented before Pakistani and Swiss courts.
ambit imbrication aulic meretricious crapulous rubric factitious squamous fuscous tendentious
This kind of factitious connectifying is what gives some readers of biographies the willies.
Evaluation of factitious hyperkalemia in hemolytic samples: impact of the mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration.
They introduce the model and supporting theories and perspectives, as well as the DSM, then discuss specific diagnostic categories corresponding to it (cognitive, substance-related, schizophrenia and psychotic, mood, anxiety, dissociative, eating, personality, and somatoform, factitious, and malingering disorders) and their patterns, cases, and assessment summaries.
The differential diagnoses of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia include familial persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia, primary islet-cell hyperplasia, noninsulinoma pancreatogenous hypoglycemic syndrome, insulinoma, and factitious hypoglycemia (6).