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While debate within a discipline is inevitable and can be healthy, divisiveness and factitiousness is dangerous.
After spelling out some of the particulars of this conviction, I will return to Walden for one last look at its pages before I take leave of them for good, pausing just long enough on the threshold to make a few closing remarks about Thoreau's distaste for and fascination with factitiousness.
Paradoxically, the question of the same and the other, a structure belonging to Western political thought, comes from a denial of any reference to action and human factitiousness in favour of an identity that is always verified.
Crane is not specific, but any engraving of the Signers present in a late nineteenth-century home probably would have been a mass-produced reproduction of John Trumbull's famous painting accompanied by a "Key" or chart identifying each figure in the picture.(23) Both Trumbull's painting and the "Keys" accompanying reproductions of it had the effect of calling attention to both the factitiousness of political myth and the precariousness of identity in the very gesture of memorializing the patriarchs of American history.
(17) I refer the reader to Marjorie Garber's study on transvestism Vested Interests: Cross-Dressing and Cultural Anxiety (New York: Routledge, 1992) which, although it seeks to establish the transvestite as a figure in its own right, exhaustively documents how even in the most ambiguous cases, spectators, medical professionals, the media, even the cases themselves, demonstrate a seemingly incorrigible will to find a "true" gender under the clothes, under the gestures, even under anatomical attributes that would seem to indicate the factitiousness of any such truth.
This I am still likely to feel, that non-Jews are more 'real' than Jews, in whom I am likely to see generic factitiousness".
The strong suspicion that it was probably drafted by some of the male organizers of the conference is reinforced by the obvious factitiousness of sentiments in the "message" like the following: "Can you cite a single Negro man of culture who in his writings has not exalted the Negro woman, the Mother"?
De Man's critique of Romantic symbolism defends against its temptation to make the ontologically bad-faith identification of the subject with nature through an assertion of the "factitiousness of human existence as a succession of isolated moments lived by a divided self" (226); a more "authentic" representation signals temporality's relation to its subjective construction through "distance and difference" (222).
Nor does the same factitiousness that afflicts Barry's search for sexual peace fail to enfold Sick Puppy of "Girl" up to his proverbials, since the brute and stubbom mindlessness by which his existence, a triumph of luck and Reaganomics, has so far been maintained is nothing but a vacuum left by the facts of a sustainable life in departing a causeless loss.
To borrow a distinction made by Daniel Boorstin, these celebrated military men are not really heroes (not, at least, in Byron's estimation--thus, none of them can be the "hero" Byron "wants" for Don Juan) but celebrities, or "human pseudo-events" merely "created by the media." (14) By exposing the factitiousness of the media-driven hero-worship of his day, Byron's opening stanzas protest a new (and rapidly widening) rift between the hero and the celebrity that was a consequence of what Boorstin calls the "Graphic Revolution," that "great, but little-noticed, revolution" that began in the early nineteenth century and during which "man's ability to make, preserve, transmit, and disseminate precise images ...
The medium is not the only message, or to put it another way, the medium is just one of the messages." By layering a motif, the factitiousness and mutability of images becomes clear.