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While debate within a discipline is inevitable and can be healthy, divisiveness and factitiousness is dangerous.
After spelling out some of the particulars of this conviction, I will return to Walden for one last look at its pages before I take leave of them for good, pausing just long enough on the threshold to make a few closing remarks about Thoreau's distaste for and fascination with factitiousness.
Translated as A Tempest, this last play, a rewriting of Shakespeare's The Tempest, prescribes in its stage indications a self-conscious performance where characters exist only within a play of masks, and the parody of a canonical text generates both humor and a pointed commentary on the factitiousness of familiar racial categories.
Nor does the same factitiousness that afflicts Barry's search for sexual peace fail to enfold Sick Puppy of "Girl" up to his proverbials, since the brute and stubbom mindlessness by which his existence, a triumph of luck and Reaganomics, has so far been maintained is nothing but a vacuum left by the facts of a sustainable life in departing a causeless loss.