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For one thing, nothing except the factitive prefix can intervene between the causative marker and the verbal root, implying the iconic closeness of their connection.
the case of factitive nouns and their action nouns counterparts).
In substantivization more receptive categories to such a correction appear to be action and factitive nouns rather than agent nouns whereas in adjectivization strings of adjectives in comparison with strings of participles.
For instance, as many as about one half of Middle English action nouns admitting no factitive lexicalization had no one-root verbs attested in Middle English.
For example, one in two of the passive modal adjectives gets combined with the same root action noun, whereas only every tenth of the passive modal adjective co-occurs with a factitive noun.
Factitives involve a kind of "positive movement" ("into existence").
In this case tuwarni- exhibits factitive -n-; du-dduwar-, intensive reduplication, regardless of whether it proves to be an intransitive oppositum to tuwarni- as Gotze (1933, 214-15) thought or a virtual synonym with van Brock (1964, 142).
In sum, although Tropper's conception of the difference between causative and factitive is flawed, and his understanding of the Semitic stem system is, in general, somewhat unsophisticated, his detailed analysis of all of the relevant Ugaritic material will be most useful for those involved in the comparative study of the causative stem in Semitic.