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Fractional factorial experiments plans stated by Taguchi method and a specialized software-Qualitek-proved to be quick, economic (only 40 samples needed effective machining for optimizing six parameters in two levels and one interaction organized in 8 combinations) and very efficient.
Experimental data of degraded grease at final series of factorial experiments (mean values of 2 repeated experiments) and the statistical model predictions are given in Table 1.
In this paper, we modify the method suggested by Das (1964) for asymmetrical factorial experiments of type p x 3 x 2 with (p'-1) replications.
The scope of the optimal recipes of the dispersion systems, applied as polymer matrix precursors, was determined based on factorial experiments designed as a [2.
Though a full factorial experiment was conducted, the total number of test PCBs that were analyzed was at 24 lead-free PCBs as well as 12 for a leaded PCBs baseline, compared to 120 PCBs from Phase 3.
We examined data from 66 published full factorial experiments on a variety of different engineering components and systems.
Since gap-forming agents were observed to vary among the three zones (DeSimone 1997), separate factorial experiments were conducted within each zone, though similar treatments were applied in each.
One basis for conflicting selection on seed size is suggested by our reciprocal factorial experiment in which positive correlations between seed mass and germination time were found at both the level of additive genetic effects and of maternal effect.
Hahn, Morgan and Schmee[6] applied the iterative least squares approach to analyse the results of a fractional factorial experiment involving censoring to the left.
A fractional factorial or full factorial experiment is then run.
A two-level factorial experiment was performed to examine this hypothesis.