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8226; Historic and forecast market values for the concrete and cement market and its categories (Cement Clinker, Factory-Made Mortars, Portland Cement, Refractory Cements, Mortars & Concretes, Other Hydraulic Cements, Ready-Mixed Concrete and Prefabricated Structural Components) for the period 2009 through to 2018.
6 Factory-Made Mortars Supply Balance Forecast, 2011-2016
It documents how, before Rimmel launched his factory-made mascara, make-up was made from the residue of oil-burning lamps or powdered charcoal.
It concerns the supply of factory-made, semi orthopedic and individual orthopedic footwear and arch support.
Meanwhile, Limassol police located 107 factory-made firecrackers in a cemetery, found to belong to two teenagers, 14 and 16.
32 factory-made revolver and by the time it reached Vinay, the disciple of Ravishankar who was injured in the firing, it had lost its injuring velocity.
Recent figures showed the price of factory-made food went up by a record 8.
Like its predecessor, the building was constructed by member volunteers from the rowing club and designed to a tight budget, so the roof components were factory-made, ready to be simply slotted into place on site.
Lenders were also far too lax in their requirements, which ultimately resulted in a wave of repossessions that flooded the market with used factory-made homes that could be purchased for much less than new ones, West said.
Refractory cements, mortars and concretes was noted as the fastest-growing category during the review period, while factory-made mortars is projected to be the fastest-growing category over the forecast period.
At around 2am, one parked car owned by a 50-year-old sustained extensive damage after a factory-made firecracker placed between the front bonnet and windshield exploded.
Roll-your-own smokers inhale more to get the most value from their cigarettes and don't let so much be wasted, while smokers of factory-made cigarettes let a lot of their smoke drift into the air," The NZPA quoted Dr Laugesen as saying.