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Incident, act, event, or circumstance. A fact is something that has already been done or an action in process. It is an event that has definitely and actually taken place, and is distinguishable from a suspicion, innuendo, or supposition. A fact is a truth as opposed to fiction or mistake.

A Question of Fact in litigation is concerned with what actually took place. During a trial, questions of fact are generally left for the jury to determine after each opposing side has presented its case. By contrast, a Question of Law is ordinarily decided by a judge, who must deal with applicable legal rules and principles that affect what transpired.

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n. an actual thing or happening, which must be proved at trial by presentation of evidence and which is evaluated by the finder of fact (a jury in a jury trial, or by the judge if he/she sits without a jury).

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an event, occurrence or state of affairs known to have happened; to be distinguished from opinion or law. Facts can however be found proven in legal proceedings where they may or may not have actually happened. Facts may also be inferred from other facts.
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This is not, however, an accurate description of the way lower courts cite Supreme Court factual claims.
EXPLAINER:Trillanes amnesty: Two courts and two rulings that may meet at SC But Trillanes, in his latest pleadingto the SC, stressed: "The Honorable Regional Trial Court of Makati City, Branch 148, rendered an order which shattered to smithereens all the factual allegations of Respondents." The senator also stressed that the Court "appeared to have passed upon the legality of Proclamation 572..
When looking at the 10 statements individually younger adults were not only better overall at correcdy identifying factual and opinion news statements - they could do so regardless of the ideological appeal of the statements.
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While Markman may well support the holding in Cybor that the ultimate question of the scope of a patent claim is a question of law, that does not mean that a district court's subsidiary factual findings underlying its construction may be reviewed de novo on appeal.
This Article carefully describes how lower courts are using Supreme Court facts today and then argues that these factual precedents are unwise.
In most cases, these studies use off-line methods in which participants first read a conditional narrative in indicative (factual) or subjunctive (counterfactual) mood, and are then asked to choose from among several sentences those which are more consistent with, or are implied by, the conditional sentence's meaning.