factual basis

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His first Constitutional Law 101 mistake was that he confidently bragged that the Constitution allows for 'only one attack: the sufficiency of the factual basis to believe (sic) that there is an actual rebellion.
Smith seeks plea withdrawal, arguing there was an insufficient factual basis for his pleas to support territorial jurisdiction in the State of Wisconsin.
They challenged the factual basis ofDuterte'sextension saying that the military reports stated that the government is only fighting "remnants" of the terrorist forces.
He argued that the returning officer (RO) approved her documents despite sufficient factual basis of her ineligibility.
Mr Ellis, who reveals his findings in his book Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt, said: "There is a factual basis for it but the story was heavily obscured by biblical scribes.
They highlight the factual basis of moral principles and point to the reality that facts depend on cognitive values.
It said in the lawsuit that the raid "raised deep concerns about the legal and factual basis, planning and execution of the operation," New Arab reported.
Alvarez declined to comment when asked if he personally believes there is factual basis for the suspension of the writ.
bargaining--namely, in the determination of the factual basis for
Presumably the other three were responsible for burying that factual basis in a borderline-ridiculous pile of melodramatic overplotting.
The judge found that LAP had no evidential basis for its defence and therefore it was not necessary to have a full trial since LAP had no real prospect of defending the claim on any factual basis.
According to the notice, Dyadic proposes to terminate the agreement in 60 days if the breach is not cured to its satisfaction, while the company stated it believes that there is no breach and that the notice is unjustified and without any legal or factual basis and is thereby considering all available remedies to protect its interests.