factual basis

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The lawsuit, drafted by attorney Stephen Yagman, alleges that there was no factual basis to make the firing of the shot reasonable.
Meyer Gottlieb, president and chief operating officer, stated: "We do not believe that there is a legal or factual basis for the tentative ruling.
The Board of Directors of the Bank previously declined to call a special meeting as requested by Bender because, among other reasons, the Board determined that Bender's request failed to state any legal or factual basis to support such action.
Boston Life Sciences had recently asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit because it lacked any factual basis and ignored fundamental principles of law.
Special prosecutors replied to the motions with a 19-page court filing that made reference to the film "Animal House" and included the sentence, "That Paxton's motion is not only desperate, but utterly without merit is predictable; that it recklessly and unnecessarily tars both a respected jurist and his spouse without a legal or factual basis to do so is unconscionable.
The aim of the survey is to evaluate the introduction program and the municipality's integration efforts, to get a complete factual basis to acquaint improvements.
The judge found that LAP had no evidential basis for its defence and therefore it was not necessary to have a full trial since LAP had no real prospect of defending the claim on any factual basis.
Gressett be reinstated to his job because he found that the rape allegations against Gressett were politically motivated and had no factual basis.
He said: "There is public concern, but the factual basis for the UKIP arguments is absolute nonsense.
Courts will order production of information on social networking sites, even information that is not publicly accessible, so long as there is a factual basis for requesting such information," clarified attorney Michael A.
Judge Les Spittle told Swaby, of Bedford Street, Darlington: "That is the factual basis on which you will ultimately by sentenced.
Meanwhile, a spokeswoman said that the attorney general has asked the relevant federal authorities to share evidence about the operations to achieve a secure factual basis for examining the initial suspicion and initiate a criminal investigation.