factual statement

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THE point about the jobs Cameron is "creating" is that they are mostly low-paid, zero-hour, part-time jobs, and more than half have been taken by migrants, a factual statement, not a racist one.
The en banc can come out with a strong factual statement on their findings of fraud in 2004," Alvia said.
This factual statement was based on inside information about desert-camouflaged containers loading up with military equipment at SAS headquarters in Hereford for the Middle East.
As someone who has seen every first-team game he has played for Blues, that is not only an honest but factual statement.
Accordingly, it should redact only the privileged material and produce the factual statement content of any document containing privileged information.
The WTO member has to provide a detailed factual statement of reasons and justification for its request for consultations.
A candidate may supply a factual statement as instructed on the nomination form.
Consider his throwaway assertion that "when Senator Daschle made the factual statement that 'failed' diplomacy has led to war with Iraq, right-wing media accused him of siding with Saddam Hussein.
None of the funds used to buy out A came from E This factual statement is the key to the principal change made in the final regulations.
But the ASA dismissed a complaint by the group that fur farming was cruel, stating it was a matter of opinion and not a factual statement.
A factual statement that a food contains X grams of whole grains per serving should be fairly sale, provided the claimed quantity is not so small as to be nutritionally insignificant.
First, a factual statement can only be made after you have observed something, whereas an inference can be made anytime -- before, during or after observation, or, as is usually the case, with no observation at all.